Lansing Community College Nursing Program Review

Lansing Community College (LCC) was founded as part of the need to reach the community in providing higher education. As a Community College, Lansing spreads its services to the Lansing community by giving affordable yet quality industrial workforce training. Since 1957, it has been doing the noble profession of offering certificate and associate degree programs that help students kick start their career ladder; for employment or for career advancement prospects.

Nursing at Lansing Community College

Nursing at Lansing is quite complex in terms of how the programs are designed. There are three distinct nursing programs; all accredited and approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing and NLNAC. The complexity of the programs comes in where, they are offered in different tracks for each program. There are two certificates and one associate program which is quite complex.

The Associate of Nursing Options

The degree is offered in what the nursing department call a career ladder option. It has the usual traditional and nontraditional modalities of delivering the curriculum as follows:

Traditional track

This is the usual two year associate of nursing degree track. At Lansing, the program is offered in fall and winter semesters and is completed on a full time mode.

Non-traditional tracks

In the first track, the program is designed to take three years to complete with students taking only taking classes 2 days a week.

The second option is for LPNs who want have been considered for advanced placement. It is also open for paramedics who are interested to become registered nurses. For the cases, candidates must show certification from the previous programs and have active Michigan licenses for respective fields.

On the third choice of the associate, students with baccalaureates other than nursing have the ability to go back to school and earn a lesser degree. The track is meant for career changers who want to get into nursing within a period of one year.

All program choices use both online and classroom instruction for curriculum delivery.  All the programs lead to the awards of an associate of science in nursing degree and eligibility to sit for NCLEX-RN exam for licensures are a registered nurse.

Certificate of Achievement- Practical Nursing

A practical nursing certificate is offered at Lansing community college. The LPN certification allows nurses to complete 44 credit hours for which they are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam. Just like the associate degree, it is taken in three tracks, 1-year and a 2 year or 3-year option for part time students. A choice is available for those who want to take a 2nd degree accelerated PN certificate which takes 6 months to complete. All the courses are also offered in online and site-based classroom methods graduates are eligible for advanced placement mentioned above.

Nurse Aide Certificate

The last program on the list of nursing programs at Lansing Community College is the nursing assistant/ nurse aide. The program is relatively short and requires only 6 credits to complete.  Successful completion the 6 credits enable the student to be eligible for the State Competency Evaluation Nurse Aide Exam where, passing labels the nurse as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

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