Lake Superior State University Nursing School Review

Lake Superior State University (LSSU) is located between the two Sault twin cities of Michigan and Ontario. Starting as a military camp, Lake Superior state university has come a long way to its current status.  From 1946, the school operated as a state college and was granted the charter to become a fully pledged university in 1987. As a former military fort, the campus; sitting on 115 acres has great historic landmarks hailing from the war era. Currently, the university has a wide range of programs to choose from, from liberal arts to technical programs like nursing.

School of Nursing- Lake Superior State University

The school of nursing at Lake Superior State University offers two and four year undergraduate nursing programs. All the programs are approved and accredited by the Michigan Board of nursing and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission respectively. In total, there are five nursing programs falling within certificate, associate and bachelor degree categories. However, there are various routes through which students can enroll to be awarded the bachelor of nursing degree. A breakdown is provided below:

Bachelor of Science

  • Bachelor of Science- Pre Licensure

The program is designed to meet the needs of fresh nursing entrants; preferably high school graduates and prepares them to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam to obtain licensure as RNs. Students are expected to complete prerequisite courses from the university for to be eligible for admission. In this route, students take a total of 125 nursing and general education credits.  Usually, it takes four years to complete the work study curriculum to be eligible for graduation with a Bachelor of Science nursing.

  • RN to BSN-Completion Program

This program is meant to build on prior nursing experience for registered nurses wishing to take a bachelors degree in nursing at Lake Superior from other colleges. Students are expected to have active RN licenses to be eligible for credit transfers into the nursing school.

Just like the traditional BSN, students will be required to complete a total of 125 credits for eligibility to graduate including those credits that will be applicable for transfer. All the courses for this BSN route are available in various forms of study and students can choose to take the program in either an online, traditional classroom or as an interactive TV mode of study. The program takes two years and two summers to complete.

RPN to BSN Program

At Lake Superior State University, registered practical nurses can apply to this program. This program is open to Canadian students only and requires a total of 90 credits to complete.  After three years, students are usually eligible to sit for the registered nurses exam.

Associate of Applied Science Degree

This is a two-year degree with a concentration in nursing which the school of nursing offers to students who wish to get into the nursing field fast. With only four semesters on nurse training comprising of at least 74 credits, students are able to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam to become RNs. This is a great program for students seeking articulation to a four-year BSN at a future date. The special aspect of this program is that students are awarded a Practical nursing certificate besides the Associate degree.

Certificate in Practical Nursing

This certificate nursing program at Lake Superior State University aims at training practical nurses that are able to provide bedside and basic patient care. At the end of the program, students are in a position to write the NCLEX-PN exam. Students have the choice of taking the program on a two-year part time program or a full time option with four semesters including one summer.

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