Jefferson Community College NY Nursing Program Review

Jefferson Community College (JCC) is part of the State University of New York (SUNY). There are almost 4,000 students who attend this college. It is a two-year college that offers numerous degree and certificate programs, including nursing. There are two nursing programs. They are the weekday nursing program for full-time students and the Weekend Nursing Scholar Program for part-time students. Both of the programs take two years to complete. After graduation, students may transfer to one of the SUNY four-year programs to complete their Bachelor of Science in Nursing or to another college to earn a higher degree.

Nursing Program

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Jefferson Community College offers an Associate in Applied Science nursing program that is a two-year program. The program prepares students to enter nursing upon graduation as Registered Nurses (RNs) who are able to work in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and other facilities. Graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX which is the test for RN licensure. Over 90 percent of Jefferson Community College’s RN graduates passed this test on their first attempt in past years, so this school is rated one of the best in the state. Students interested in the RN program should submit their application and required documents as soon as possible because the number of students admitted is limited.

Students must be admitted to Jefferson Community College and also apply to the nursing program for admission with a separate application. Applicants must be high school graduates or have a GED. They must also have scored a C or better in high school biology and chemistry in the past 7 years. They may also have taken biology and chemistry in college and earned a C or better. In addition, applicants must have minimum math prerequisites or take a math placement test at Jefferson and score at the college readiness level. They must also take an English test and score at the college entry level. Applicants must have proof of immunizations and a health evaluation that is submitted with their application. Also, a CPR certificate is required before admittance to the nursing program. All prerequisite courses must be completed before being admitted to the nursing courses.

Required nursing courses equal 39 credit hours. They are Nursing 1 (Basic Needs), Maternal & Newborn Health, Medical/Surgical 1, Pharmacology, Interruption in Basic Needs: Acute/Chronic, Interruption in Basic Needs: Psycho/Social, Interruption in Basic Needs: Complex, and Nursing 5 (Nursing Practice Seminar). Students also complete many hours of clinical experience during the time that these courses are taken. Courses that must be taken to meet science requirements are Microbiology, and Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2. Students must also meet the college’s requirements for humanities and social science. These are the courses Research and Composition, Literature and Composition, Introduction to Psychology, Life Span Development, and a Social Science elective. Students must also take a physical education course. All of the required courses add up to a total of 68 credits that are necessary for graduation. In addition, students must attain 100 percent competency in medication calculation.


Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) may earn enter the program with advanced standing by passing an Excelsior College Examination and a clinical examination by the nursing department. If the applicant passes the Excelsior College Fundamentals of Nursing Exam, the LPN may then opt out of beginning level RN courses at Jefferson Community College.

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