Jamestown Community College SUNY Nursing Program Review

Jamestown Community College (JCC) is part of the SUNY system of schools located in the southwestern part of New York State. The school has an open admission policy. There are over 4,000 students enrolled in the college. Three other campuses are in New York and in Pennsylvania. Jamestown offers degree and certificate programs in various fields, including an Associate in Applied Science in Nursing.

Nursing Program

Associate in Applied Science

Jamestown Community College offers a two-year Associate in Applied Science (AAS) nursing degree that prepares students for a career as a professional Registered Nurse (RN). Students receive a wide variety of classroom instruction, lab practice, and clinical experience in a variety of settings to prepare them for this career. Students must complete the general academic requirements for an associate degree as well as the specific nursing courses that are related to the AAS. A total of 71 credits must be completed. After graduation, the student is qualified to take the NCLEX exam which is the national licensure exam required to be a Registered Nurse.

Admission requirements to the nursing program include being a high school graduate or having earned a GED. The SAT and ACT tests are not required. Students must take a placement test and pass all sections of English and Math. If developmental courses are required in these areas, the student is able to take them at Jamestown Community College. Students who have not completed college preparatory classes in high school may also take these at the college level.

Students must take Humanities, English Composition II, an English elective, two Social Sciences classes, General Psychology I, and Life Span Development as part of the required non-nursing courses. Seventeen credits of mathematics and sciences must also be completed, as well as Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Microbiology, Nutrition, and Problem Solving with Mathematics. These general requirement courses equal 29 credits. Core nursing courses are 40 credits and include Basic Pharmacology & Dosage Calculations, Foundations of Nursing, Health Restoration, Pharmacology for Nurses, Health Restoration and Maintenance I & II, Pathophysiology I & II, and Health Assessment. Two electives are also required to be taken. Students complete many hours of clinical experience at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other health care facilities. They gain experience in adult and pediatric care, obstetrics, psychiatric and mental health, and in other areas that they may work in after graduation.

The outcomes expected after a student has completed the nursing program are that he or she will be able to identify nursing diagnoses and demonstrate appropriate care of patients based on current nursing standards. The graduate will also be able to use effective communication in health assessments and nursing care. Also, the graduate will be able to use pharmacological principles when administering medication to patients. With a caring and compassionate attitude, graduates will be able to care for a wide variety of culturally diverse patients. RNs will also act as leaders and work with the medical team in a way that is ethical and acceptable nursing care.

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