Jamestown College Nursing Program Review

Jamestown College (JC) is a small private college located in Jamestown, North Dakota. There are about 1,000 students enrolled in this liberal arts college that was founded by the Presbyterian Church in 1883. Jamestown College is known for its science and nursing programs. The student to faculty ratio is 13 to 1, so students are able to get the extra help that they need. Students live in the on-campus residence halls at Jamestown College.

Nursing Program


Jamestown College offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). The program prepares students for a career as a professional nurse who is knowledgeable and ready to work in a variety of healthcare facilities. The college has a reputation of placing 100% of its graduates in many different hospitals, clinics, and other places all over the United States, including the famous Mayo Clinic and others. Applicants who are interested in entering the nursing program must first apply to the college and be accepted into Jamestown College. A minimum high school grade point average of 3.25 is required, and the preferred ACT score is 24 or 1100 on the SAT. It is highly recommended that applicants have had biology and chemistry while they were in high school.

Those who are accepted into the program are expected to maintain a grade point average of at least 3.0 on the prerequisite nursing courses that they complete at the college. Once enrolled in the nursing program, students may not get a grade less than C on nursing course. Acceptance into the program is competitive, and the decision of which students are admitted relies primarily on applicants’ grade point averages. When the program is completed, graduates take the NCLEX-RN for their licensure as Registered Nurses (RNs).

RNs and LPNs

RNs and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) may enter the BSN program at Jamestown College. They may take an orientation and transition module or preparation of portfolios to receive credit for the nursing courses that they completed while studying for their nursing careers. Previously earned college credit can also be transferred to meet the general college requirements of the college. Each RN or LPN may take a different amount of time to complete the program since some students will require fewer courses than others, depending on how many credits were transferred into the BSN program. There is also a full-time or part-time option.

All BSN students complete their clinical experience at diverse clinical settings. Some of these are the James River Correctional Center, North Dakota State Hospital, Jamestown Regional Medical Center, Anne Carlsen Center for Children, and Sanford Hospital. There are also international travel opportunities for nursing students who may choose to travel to Chogoria, Kenya during their senior year. This experience counts as clinical experience since students travel to a hospital in the jungle and visit villages to provide nursing care and medicine. Students also have the chance to visit orphanages and schools and to go on a safari while they are there. Another international opportunity for seniors is to Nha Trang, Vietnam and Taipei, Taiwan. Students experience the modern medical facilities in these countries and can experience healthcare and eastern medicine.

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