Jameson Health System Nursing Program Review

Jameson Health System (JHS) is a tight-knit community system of hospitals and other medical facilities devoted to providing area residents with the highest quality healthcare. The top physicians, nurses and support staff are recruited to create an unparalleled collaboration of talented professionals. Through education and continual training these professionals remain at the cutting edge of their field.

Nursing Program

Throughout its more than a century of history Jameson Health System School of Nursing (JHSSON, JHSSN) in Pennsylvania, officially called the Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, has changed with the trends and innovations in the industry to continuously produce the best trained nurses possible. Instruction is enhanced by clinical experiences offered in the affiliated James Health hospitals and facilities to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities. JHSSN offers students two courses of study from which to choose, preparing them for certification or licensure, and laying a foundation for furthered education.

Registered Nurse Program

The Jameson Health System School of Nursing offers a rigorous program blending theoretical concepts with state-of-the-art clinical experience to develop well-rounded and exceptionally prepared future nurses. This diploma program is designed for full-time highly focused study. An impressive faculty to student ratio shows very small classes that foster mentoring relationships between the instructor and class members. These relationships facilitate improved learned and greater success rates.

Length of Program

JHSSN’s Registered Nurse program is structured in four segments. These segments are comprised of 19 weeks, 18 of which are spent in full-time study. These semesters are completed over the course of two years, with a break in between sets of two. This concentrated program qualifies students to sit for exams that determine licensure. Once licensed, Registered Nurses can seek employment in a wide array of medical settings or pursue furthered education through baccalaureate, graduate and doctoral programs at other institutions.

Admission Requirements

Admittance into the Nursing Program is competitive. Only those applicants demonstrating the best academic and personal credentials will be allowed entrance into the plan of study. The requirements for admission include adequate prior education with submission of transcripts. This education must include graduation from an approved high school or secondary program and completion of certain college courses prior to application to the Nursing Program. Applicants must also earn at least minimum standard scores on pre-entrance tests that illustrate academic capability and aptitude. The completed application must feature at least three professional references. Finally, applicants must show evidence of good health and moral character through a comprehensive medical examination, including compliance with any recommendations, and clearing criminal and background checks, particularly in relation to child abuse and felonious acts.

Course of Study

The two year course of study resulting in preparation for Registered Nurse licensure is a combination of general education and Nursing concepts. Clinical experiences offered through cooperation with area medical facilities within the Jameson Health System network offer tactical demonstration and practice of methods and concepts taught along with theory in classroom lecture settings. The material presented in the four semesters is progressive in nature, becoming more complex and difficult as the student advances. Core Nursing courses cover fundamental areas of nursing including Medical Surgical Nursing, Nursing Care of Children and Maternal-Newborn Nursing. The final semester of the program includes a course on contemporary issues facing nurses so graduates entering the workforce will be able to identify and handle certain situations.

Advanced Placement

Licensed Practical Nurses wishing to augment their career potential are eligible to work toward the Nursing Diploma on an accelerated track. Utilizing the education and experience gained during previous training, LPNs are able to challenge the requirement of the introductory Nursing instruction. Students must meet other admission requirements and present a formal challenge to faculty in order to be considered for Advanced Placement.

Though a Diploma earned through the Jameson Health System School of Nursing provides career opportunity, many students will wish to continue their studies. The foundation of learning afforded by this program allows graduates to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree through other institutions in approximately two additional years of full time study.

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