Immaculata University Nursing School Review

Combining solid academics with a strong focus on ethics and personal integrity, Immaculata University (IU) in Pennsylvania is a Catholic University that strives to empower its students and establish them as quality, functional members of society long after graduation. IU holds dear core values of peace, justice, faith and truth and attempts to integrate them into all aspects of the higher education experience.

Nursing Program

The ever-changing, growing field of healthcare is in constant demand of dedicated, skilled nurses to provide care and compassion to patients in a variety of medical settings. Immaculata University’s Nursing Program was designed to produce nurses of the highest caliber to fill roles in hospitals, medical offices, long-term care facilities and other environments. Completion of these programs entitles graduates to sit for nationally-approved state licensing exams and earn professional credentials.

Pre-licensure BSN Program

This program is intended for the new student interested in pursuing a degree in nursing. A higher level than Licensed Practical Nurses, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree produces trained Registered Nurses. This four year program combines general education, spiritual and social training, and core nursing concepts to create a balanced and productive course of study. Graduates are prepared to face the contemporary challenges facing the nursing field with social and cultural awareness and sensitivity.

RN to BSN Program

Those already-licensed Registered Nurses wishing to enhance their understanding of the field, and increase reputability for the purpose of advanced career opportunities through earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree are eligible to participate in an accelerated program. This course of study allows the RN to apply previously achieved academic and clinical experience to the degree requirements of the traditional BSN Program. Admission into this program requires applicants to demonstrate mastery of the concepts introduced in early portions of the BSN program and achieve satisfactory scores on entrance exams.

Master of Science in Nursing Program

Baccalaureate-awarded students interested in pursuing higher levels of education for improved fulfillment of career roles and eligibility for upper level employment can enroll in the Master of Science in Nursing Program. The MSN is an intense course of study designed to create knowledgeable nurses well-versed in communication skills, critical thinking and leadership as well as complex medical concepts. Admitted students can choose from two areas of concentration. Nursing Education or Nursing Administration students, upon graduation from the program and two years of applicable employment, are eligible to take national exams in order to earn professional certification.

School Nurse Certification Program

School Nurses are important features of the healthcare system. These certified nurses provide a wide range of care and treatment to students facing acute and chronic medical conditions. Earning this Certification also adds another level of professional credentials, making a nursing candidate more attractive to prospective employers. Admission into this program requires the interested applicant to have already earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. The remaining courses can be completed independently or while in pursuit of a Master’s degree.

The foundation of learning presented by Immaculata University prepares graduates to enter the professional world confident in their knowledge and skills, and to engage in further learning experiences. Graduates have developed keen senses of responsibility, integrity and spiritual awareness that help them to administer care and treatments with fulfillment and compassion.

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