Huntingdon County Career and Technology Center Nursing Program Review

The educational opportunities at the Huntingdon County Career and Technology Center (HCCTC) in Pennsylvania combine a unique general education and technical training perspective with dedicated faculty that strive to prepare students for the competitive contemporary workforce. High school students and adults benefit from the experiential instruction and career-building skills that set HCCTC apart from other forms of post-secondary education.

Nursing Program

Blending students from all walks of life, the Nursing Program at HCCTC fosters the learning and experience necessary to become an effective and care member of the healthcare system. This program offers focused classroom instruction with hands-on clinical experiences to provide a rounded view of the nursing profession that prepares graduates to sit for licensing exams and seek in-demand employment in a variety of treatment settings.

Practical Nursing Program

Practical Nursing is considered one of the most rapidly growing occupations in the nation. The expansion and improvement of the healthcare system has afforded many opportunities for employment as a Licensed Practical Nurse which makes this training extremely popular. The need for nurses, however, does not create a quality gap. Admission and successful completion of the LPN Program at HCCTC is competitive, and students must focus intently on the rigorous course of study in order to excel.

Length of Program

The LPN Program is structured into three levels of progressive study, each comprised of general education and nursing courses introduced in classroom and clinical instruction formats. These levels are offered over the course of twelve months, beginning in the fall. Students are required to master the concepts presented in each level before advancing to the next due to the building nature of the information. The final level presents complex instruction in clinical nursing concepts as well as an overview of modern issues and trends that will impact the career of any nurse. Completion of this program allows students to take licensing exams that earn them qualification for employment.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the LPN Program is challenging. Applicants must present documentation of previous academic achievement as well as aptitude for further enrichment through proof of graduation or completion of an approved secondary education program and satisfactory scores on entrance and aptitude exams. Good physical health must be demonstrated through a comprehensive physical exam, complete with up-to-date immunizations and compliance with any physician or dentist recommendations. Due to the need for nurses to have strong moral characters, applicants and admitted students are required to adhere to drug and alcohol policies and clear criminal background and child abuse checks. Prior to classes beginning, each student must have valid, current certification in CPR.

Career Opportunities

LPNs are a crucial addition to nearly all healthcare environments. Graduates of HCCTC’s Nursing Program will be able to choose employment in a setting that best meets their personal and career aspirations. These opportunities include acute care hospitals, long-term facilities, rehabilitation centers, dentist offices, private homes and the military among others.

Through this program students will be prepared to compete in the workforce but will also have a strong basis for more advanced education through other institutions. Huntingdon County Career and Technology Center meets the cultural and educational needs of area students and produces professionals confident in their ability to pursue and maintain gainful careers.

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