Hope College Nursing Program Review

Hope College is located in the great lakes region of Holland; around Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa. It is right in the heart of Holland’s central business district, hence an excellent composition of diverse student cultures. Hope College is a church institution of higher learning; strongly affiliated and part of the Reformed Church in America. The college offers about 80 programs leading to several BA and BS degrees among them the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Hope College Nursing

The only nursing program in Hope College (HC) is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing. The hope college-nursing program is encompassed in Christian faith and has a curriculum that incorporates a balanced liberal arts and nursing courses. The faculty of nursing train professional nurses who are strongly inclined to believe of nursing an altruistic vocation that should give Christ-like care. The Godly providence of health care and care to the people is what drives the Hope College nursing program.

The Nursing Degree

The nursing department offers this program and it takes the form of a full time mode. The curriculum is broad and encompasses general education credits, which must be completed in the first and sophomore year. The number of both general education and pre and co-requites courses taken during the first year must total to a minimum of 76 courses and take up the better part of the program.

During the second semester of the sophomore year, students start off with the nursing theory and practicum classes. In total, 48 nursing credits are required which include a large component of clinical experience. It is also good to note that classes are only offered during spring and fall and only a few courses are offered in summer in special circumstances only. The final outcome is the award of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the eligibility to sit for NCLEX-RN exam.  Besides the preparation on the core duties of registered nurses, Hope College is known to produce nurses who are excellent in offering nursing practices in a holistic and in a Christian approach.

Admission Into The Program and Transfer Information

The nursing program at Hope College generally invites high school graduates who will usually have a direct entry admission to the program if they meet the requirements for admission. For transfer students of Associate and Diploma nursing programs, direct transfer is not accepted. The college does not have articulation agreements with other colleges and as such, no direct transfers are made.

However, the said students can still apply to the program but be ready to take 12 credits in Hope College before being accepted into the Bachelor of Science with a concentration in nursing. It is important to note that Hope College department of nursing only accepts 10% of the total sitting capacity during any one semester as transfer students. The excess is always rejected and selection is based on passing the required 12 credits. Guarantee is not given for all students who pass the 12 credits required for application.

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