Holyoke Community College Nursing Program Review

Form the mid 1940’s Holyoke Community College (HCC) has been on the forefront of kick starting higher education for many students in Holyoke- Massachusetts and beyond. With is convenient location at the crossroads of interstate 91 highway and the Massachusetts Turnpike, there is no better convenience of reaching the main campus college from a number of directions.  What’s more, Holyoke community college has three satellite off-campus centers which make education accessible to the whole stretch of Pioneer Valley- Massachusetts.

Nursing-Health and Natural Sciences Division

The health and natural sciences academic division at Holyoke community college has designed two nursing programs. These two programs are accredited by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing and the NLNAC. 

Practical Nursing Certificate

Entrants to this program must take and complete 44 credits inclusive of clinical practical classes. During this time, students are expected to cater for their own transportation to the selected locations where practical sessions are offered.  Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-LPN exam. Passing this exam, off course enables the student to have a licensure as a licensed practice nurse in the state of Massachusetts.

It is important to note that Holyoke community college does not offer a LPN to RN bridging program. Hence, students willing to take this route must reconsider enrolling for the Associate or looking for other universities altogether that has such provisions.

Associate of Science Nursing Program

This program accepts nursing students every start of September.  For completion of this nursing degree, students at Holyoke community college must take a minimum of 30 general education and liberal arts credits and a further 42 credits on the nursing concentration. On a further note, students must achieve a grade of or above C+ so as to maintain admission to the program.  This applies to grades to all nursing core courses and laboratory science concentration.  Consecutive failure leads to dismissal from the program.

This program takes a minimum of two academic years to complete and is offered at the main campus at Holyoke. Just like the Practical nursing Certificate program, students are not catered for during practical rounds. Such clinical transportation arrangements to any collaborating health agencies throughout Pioneer Valley must be made and covered by the individual students.

Placement for BSN in Other Universities

Holyoke has made it easier for students who wish to take a BSN to do so via their transfer coordinator offices. This particular office helps associate degree registered nurses to have credit transfers from the ADN to their prospective universities. This articulation is usually with Elms College and American International College at Springfield although other universities may be contacted upon request.

Nursing Success Program

This is a non-classroom program meant for nursing students of Holyoke University.  The program helps to support and assistance for nursing students who experience difficulty in the lab and in math courses. It also offers free summer assistance and tutoring support for nurses who suffered failures in the previous semesters. It is meant for both PNC and ADN students.

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