Holy Name Medical Center School of Nursing Program Review

Holy Name School of Nursing is as old as Holy Name Hospital; its mother hospital. The college was established in 1925 as a women’s registered nurse diploma training school by Sisters of St Joseph. The medical center was initially known as Holy Name Hospital until 2010 when it changed to the current name. It is a non-profit community medical and training center serving the residents of Bergen County and beyond.

Nursing Programs at Holy Name Medical Center School of Nursing (HNMCSN)

The School of Nursing at the medical center offers three nursing programs: a registered nurse (RN) track, a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to RN articulation option and a practical nurse track. The first 2 programs lead to the Associate of science in nursing while the practical nurse is a diploma program. The school will also be starting a LPN evening program by mid 2012. The 2 associate degree tracks are fully accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and approved by the New Jersey Board of Nursing. The diploma track is approved by the board of nursing but has no accreditation information.

Practical Nurse Program

This program is designed for students seeking quick entry into the nursing profession. The curriculum is designed to prepare student become practical nurses and work under the supervision of registered nurses. Students are admitted once annually for classes starting fall semester.

The coursework in the practical nurse (PN) program consist of 57 credits projected to be completed in one academic year. Classes commence in fall for a 15 week period followed by a 2-week recess. Studies resume for a 15-week winter session followed again by 1 weeks spring recess. Spring classes take 9 weeks and a final 7 weeks summer session.  Completion of the coursework makes the student eligible for NLCEX-PN exam and graduation with a practical nursing diploma to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN). The college has also just recently started an LPN Evening Program.

Student must note that the 57 credits are not transferable to other colleges.

Registered Nurse Program

The generic registered nurse (RN) program at Holy Name Medical Center offers 3 options for qualified students. It is offered as a collaborative program between Holy Name and St Peter’s College-New Jersey. College courses are those of St Peter’s college but are taught at Holy Name. The first and second option can be completed on a full time and part time basis of 2 and 3 years respectively. Students on this track graduate with a Diploma in Nursing after taking 63 credits: 30 nursing and 33 college credits from St Peter’s College.

In the third option is a matriculation option after completing the diploma coursework. Interested students can join the Associate of Applied Science in nursing program at St. Peter’s College. Graduates only need to add 3 college credits to bring it to a total of 66 for eligibility to graduate with an Associate degree. This option takes 3 years to complete and students need not to apply for licensure before matriculating. Successful completion any of the 3 options makes the student eligible for the NLCEX-RN exam to become registered nurses.

LPN to RN Articulation

This program is for licensed practical nurses that have current licenses for New Jersey. Admission is based on limited availability for candidates who would wish to make the transition into professional nursing. Applicants are required to take a LPN test from Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) to be eligible for advanced standing. Qualified candidates can choose from the 2 diploma options or the associate of applied science option from St Peter’s College.

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