Hinds Community College Nursing Program Review

The mother college that was to become Hinds Community College (HCC) has history dating back to 1917. The college prides to be the largest Community college in Mississippi in terms of the number of students enrolled for its programs. The historically black community college has developed and expanded tremendously to offer a large number of credit and non credit programs. As part of mission to reach out the communities, Hinds Community College has opened four satellite campuses in five counties namely Rankin, Copiah, Warren and Claiborne.

Nursing at Hinds Community College

At Hinds, nursing is offered under the Nursing and Allied Health Programs. Three programs are offered, two of which lead to an associate degree in nursing and a certificate program in practical nursing. The associate degree tracks have been accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission while the Practical nursing program is accredited by the Mississippi Community College Board. The college offers paramedics and respiratory technicians a transition option to professional nursing as explained below:

Associate Degree Nursing Program

The associate of nursing program from Hinds Community College has two career pathways for qualified students to choose from:

  • ADN Generic Option

The generic program is designed for candidates who have no prior nursing experience. Classes for the program begin in fall and spring semesters; a double annual intake that is meant to reduce the time on the waiting list. A total number of 72 credits are required and must be completed on a four semester plan, excluding the time needed to complete prerequisites courses in anatomy and physiology. Successful students get eligibility for first time licensure as registered nurses upon writing and passing the NCLEX-RN exam.

  • Transition to RN Option

The transition program admits students on a single intake in each campus. The candidates for the program are respiratory therapists, paramedics and licensed practical nurses.  All candidates must have active their respective licenses or certificates for the state of Mississippi. The programs are offered in the main campus at Jackson for its single summer intake and at Warren campus for its fall intake.

However, students who are coming in as paramedics and respiratory therapists must apply to Jackson campus as their transition to RN status is not offered at Warren Campus. LPNS are free to apply to any campus. Classes in both campuses have full time and part time- weekend and evening options to cater for the busy schedule of LPNs and Paramedics.

A transition course, eight weeks in length is required for the transition to the RN program. LPNs receive 18 credits and Paramedics & Respiratory therapists get 13 in advanced standing. A total of 74 credits are needed to complete the program before the complex exemption and transfers are made for each option.

Practical Nursing

The Hinds Community College practical nursing program trains entry level qualified candidates to work beside registered nurses as licensed practical nurses.  The program is available in both part time and generic options whereby, upon successful completion leads to eligibility to take the NCLEX-PN exam.

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