Hazelton Area Career Center Nursing Program Review

The Hazelton Area Career Center (HACC) in Pennsylvania recognizes that learning doesn’t end with the completion of a formal education. Since its beginning HACC has devoted itself to instilling in its high school and adult students a sense of responsibility and pride associated with gaining knowledge and skills but also preparing themselves to enter the workforce and the world open to further growth.

Nursing Program

The Nursing Program at HACC is a rigorous, full-time program designed to prepare students for licensing as a Practical Nurse. This licensing allows graduates to seek immediate entrance-level employment in medical settings such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, long-term treatment facilities and for private agencies. This program is offered to dedicated students capable of handling intensive lecture and clinical instruction.

Licensed Practical Nursing Program

In the healthcare system Licensed Practical Nurses are in high demand. These nurses provide life care and basic treatment to a range of patients facing common medical concerns. Care and treatment may include such things as monitoring and recording vital signs, simple procedures, bathing and dressing, and implementing basic treatment plans under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. These nurses provide not only physical care to patients, but also address psychosocial and emotional needs. Completion of this program will prepare students to sit for the state exams required for licensure.

Length of the Program

The Practical Nursing Program is divided into three progressive levels of instruction. Each level builds upon the learning of the previous one to introduce students to more complex material in a manner that will assure success. Each level lasts for 17 consecutive weeks. Within these levels material is taught through classroom lecture settings and clinical experiences offered through the cooperation of area medical facilities. Students are responsible for general education and nursing information.

Admission Requirements

The nursing field is competitive, as is admission into the Nursing Program at HACC. Interested applicants must hold a valid high school diploma from an approved secondary institution or equivalent program and achieve satisfactory scores on entrance exams that show understanding and aptitude in a range of topics. Three letters of recommendation from non-family references that speak to the moral character of the applicant should be submitted along with the completed college application. Accepted students must demonstrate good physical and mental health through evidence of a comprehensive physical exam and record of completed immunizations, tests and drug screenings, and cooperation with any recommended treatment. Further evidence of moral character must be presented in the form of criminal background checks with particular focus on felonies and child abuse clearance.

Successful graduates of the Practical Nursing Program through the Hazelton Area Community College will have the knowledge and training to skillfully fulfill the roles and responsibilities of an LPN. Students interested in pursuing furthered education for the purpose of career advancement are eligible to seek baccalaureate, Master and Doctoral degrees through other institutions. The education acquired during this program provides a strong foundation for these enhanced learning opportunities. The HACC Nursing Program inspires in many the passion for provide care through compassionate nursing.

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