Harcum College Nursing Program Review

Unique in the world of higher education, Harcum College (HC) in Pennsylvania is a constantly moving, constantly changing institution that strives to mold to the trends and advancements in their program areas. Students are offered personal relationships with dedicated, experienced faculty and cutting edge instructional methods to glean the most out of their chosen course of study.

Nursing Program

The Nursing Program through Harcum College was designed to provide flexible, rounded education with an emphasis on fundamental nursing concepts to prepare students for immediate entrance-level employment after passing licensure exams.

Practical Nursing Program

Within the medical community patient care is provided by teams of trained professionals. An important member of such a team is a Licensed Practical Nurse. These nurses offer bedside care and basic treatment procedures to patients coping with relatively simple, common medical concerns. LPNs hold responsibilities such as checking and recording vital signs, evaluating patient condition and carrying out basic treatment plans, while also providing for the psychosocial and interpersonal needs of the patient and his loved ones. The Practical Nursing Program at Harcum College instills the necessary medical knowledge as well as general education to produce balanced, well-rounded graduates prepared for fulfilling careers.

How Long is the Program?

Students entering Harcum College’s Practical Nursing Program have two options for scheduling. HC offers Day Nursing and Evening Nursing to provide flexibility and the ability to pursue an education while also fulfilling other obligations. Day Nursing students begin their course of study in the fall and study for two years part-time. The Evening Nursing Program is designed for the busy, accelerated student wishing to complete the course of study in 18 months. In both programs the course is divided among general education, theoretical nursing and clinical nursing instruction.

Admission Requirements: Academic

Gaining admittance in to the Nursing Program requires applicants to meet specific academic guidelines. These ensure that the student will be prepared for the course work presented during the program and will also be able to handle the increasing complexity of the latter portion of the course of study. Interested applicants must offer proof of graduation from an approved secondary institution. Both tracks also require a core set of ten prerequisite courses that must be completed prior to the start of the student’s program. These courses include such topics as English Composition, Mathematics, Psychology and Microbiology. Successful completion of these courses must be shown by the May prior to a fall semester beginning, or December prior to a May beginning in order for the applicant to be eligible. Applicants must also submit satisfactory scores on placement and aptitude tests.

Admission Requirements: Personal

The personal character of nurses is crucial to their effectiveness, which is why Harcum requires Nursing Program candidates to show proof of strong moral character as well as physical and mental health. Criminal and Child Abuse Clearance, physical examinations and a personal essay demonstrate these traits. Applicants must also submit letters from two references and a professional resume. Completion of the admissions packet also requires a formal letter stating when the applicant intends to complete the necessary prerequisite courses.

The Licensed Practical Nursing Program at Harcum College goes beyond the clinical aspects of a nursing career to produce compassionate, attentive and emotionally-connected individuals prepared to offer nurturing life care and acute treatment in a variety of medical settings.

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