Greenville Technical College Nursing Program Review

In an era when advanced education is more important than ever many people are turning to schools that offer strong training in their particular desired field at a cost that is not prohibitive. Greenville Technical College (GTC, Greenville Tech) in South Carolina strives to offer both, giving students a dependable resource for personal and career-building knowledge and skills at an approachable cost without sacrificing quality of faculty or technology.

Nurse Program Review

Nursing is one of the most dynamic and rapidly-growing industries in today’s workforce. Changes in healthcare and the lengthening of life expectancy causes a high demand for Nursing professionals that is not being filled. Greenville Tech is dedicated to providing the education and skills necessary to introduce competent and compassionate nurses to the healthcare system. Students have several program options that allow each to pursue his individual aspirations. The dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art teaching resources afforded by GTC creates a learning environment that nurtures development of well-rounded, adaptable professionals.

Associate Degree Nursing (RN) Program

This program is designed for the student that aspires to a career as a beginning-level nurse in medical settings such as a doctor’s office, acute care hospital, rehabilitation center or long-term care facility. Students that successfully graduate from this program are eligible to sit for nationally approved state board exams to earn licensure as Registered Nurses. Once licensed students can elect to seek immediate employment or pursue furthered educational opportunities. This program is structured into three phases, in which there are several “blocks”. Each block is progressively more difficult that the one prior and must be taken in sequence in order for the student to properly build upon the material offered. Students will engage in both classroom and clinical experience learning. Clinical experiences, offered through interaction with both human subjects and sophisticated simulations, give students hands-on practice applying the concepts discussed during the theory portion of the course.

Patient Care Technician Certificate Program

Patient Care Technicians are not technically nurses as they are not licensed. However, they work under the direct supervision of professional nurses and offer beneficial assistance both to these RNs and the patients. The responsibilities of a PCT are primarily supportive in nature, meaning graduates will see to the hygienic, nutrition, hydration and emotional needs of patients rather than the medical needs. This Certificate Program can be completed in one semester of focused study and prepares students for employment through long-term care facilities, government agencies and private practice.

Post RN Specialty Courses

Students interested in more complex responsibilities and opportunities within their careers are offered Post RN Specialty Courses. These courses allow students to advance their Registered Nursing education in order to seek roles within such specialty areas as the ER, trauma units and oncology departments. Students participate in clinical experiences with real patients in such areas and are expected to posses adequate malpractice insurance to protect themselves during these situations.

Advanced Placement Nursing

Certain applicants may be eligible for Advanced Placement in the Nursing Program. GTC allows students with adequate scores on the ASSET or COMPASS examinations, or current LPN licensure to challenge portions of the Nursing Curriculum to allow students to complete the program more quickly. Students interested in this opportunity must present documentation of experience and abilities that will qualify them for Advanced Placement. This documentation should include professional references.

Nursing Transfer Track

Students hoping to advance their Registered Nursing education by earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree are encouraged to pursue the Nursing Transfer Track. Through this program students are prepared to transfer the knowledge and skills acquired through the specified Associate in Applied Sciences Degree Program to a partnering institution. These students will earn licensure as Registered Nurses and then be able to move on to the prescribed course work that will allow them to earn a BSN. These credentials make the graduate more attractive to potential employers and prepares him for furthered education opportunities.

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