Greenfield Community College Nursing Program Review

Being the smallest of the 15 community colleges in Massachusetts State does not deter Greenfield Community College (GCC) from offering quality education. This small college is located in Pioneer Valley of Greenfield just at the foot of Berkshire Mountains. Even with its relatively small student body, it is accredited by the New England Association of Schools. It offers Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree programs in addition to certificate programs and liberal arts concentration.

Nursing at Greenfield Community College

Nursing at Greenfield Community College dates back to 1963; and GCC boasts to be the first community college to start offering an associate degree in nursing in Massachusetts State.  However, this has been the most advanced level of nursing programs offered by the college with the rest being certificate and continuing nursing education certificate programs.  Precisely, this is what the department of nursing at Greenfield Community College has to offer:

Associate Degree Nursing

With the power vetted to them by the Massachusetts Board of Registration on Nursing and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, GCC started offering the ADN program back in 1963.  The program has a reputation of good grades due to excellent preparation of the NCLEX-RN exams. This two-year degree program covers 70 credits of classroom and practical components. All courses are taken at the college’s 270 main street Downtown Centre. There are no online options for this program but evening and weekend Classes can be offered if a good number of students express their need for flexibility.

Advanced Placement for ADN graduates

Greenfield Community College embraces furthering education and for this reason, it has formed articulation agreements with both public and private universities and colleges to enable student who want to take BSN to do so. On this note, ADN nurse graduates from Greenfield Community can apply for credit transfer to the following affiliated universities:

  • Vermont College –School of nursing
  • Framingham State College
  • Elms College
  • American International College
  • University of Massachusetts

Successful transfer and acceptance of transfer will allow students to be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from either of the above universities/Colleges.

Practical Nursing Certificate-GCC (PNC)

This is a ten-month certificate program unique to Greenfield Community college. It prepares one with skills of offering bedside care to patients within the community, physicians’ offices or in long-term care homes. Typically, the certificate program takes about 40 weeks and the approach includes both liberal arts and clinical nursing classes with a total of 42 credits being taught.  With this certificate, students can apply for the NCLEX-LPN exam but the College does not provide guarantee of passing the exam; it is up-to the student to make the decision for the NCLEX-LPN exam.

However, on a better note, students can apply for a direct articulation for GCC’s ADN program which is also restricted on a space-availability basis using the PNC certificate.

Licensed Practical Nurses Program

In addition to the non-guaranteed NCLEX-LPN passing with the PNC, Greenfield Community offers a specially designed LPN program. This program specifically prepares students to take the NCLEX-LPN exam. Just like the PNC certificate, the college offers direct articulation into the ADN if the applicant applies within five years of LPN completion.

Other Nursing Continuing Education programs

In addition to the above programs, Greenfield offers the following CE courses:

  • Paramedic and EMT refresher courses
  • Paramedic assistant Course
  • A guide to Bedside Medication

Greenfield Community College
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