Greene County Career and Technology Center Nursing Program Review

The Greene County Career and Technology Center (GCCTC) in Pennsylvania offers students the opportunity to see beyond the basic academic component of a traditional higher learning institution to understand the importance of personal and technical development as well. Since its development GCCTC has provided its students with practical field training in approachable careers while also offering sound academic curricula.

Nursing Program

An exceptionally fast-paced and dynamic field of study and profession, nursing has reached record peaks of demand. This means that the development of skilled, passionate workers in this field has increased in importance. Students interested in seeking employment in the industry can find a solid Nursing education, and become prepared for state licensing exams, through the GCCTC.

Licensed Practical Nursing Program

Licensed Practical Nurses are an important aspect of the healthcare system. These nurses work in conjunction with Registered Nurses, physicians and other medical professionals to provide care to a variety of patients. LPNs perform basic tasks such as taking vital signs, evaluating the complaints of the patients, giving immunizations, and offering simple procedural care such as giving stitches. This program offers students the education needed to seek entrance-level employment as LPNs in many facilities such as hospitals, long-term care centers and rehabilitation units.

Length of Program

The Licensed Practical Nursing Program is divided into three levels that cover the course of one calendar year. The sequence of these levels is crucial, as each one builds upon the learning of the previous one. These levels are instructed as a combination of theoretical classroom lectures and hands-on clinical experiences. Classroom hours are offered at the Greene County Career and Technology Center’s cutting edge campus, while students fulfill clinical obligations at a variety of medical facilities in the area.

Course of Study

Each level of study is comprised of both general education and nursing courses. Progressing through these levels will prepare the student to confidently fulfill the responsibilities of an LPN. Students attend either lectures or clinical hours Monday through Friday.  Level I provides fundamental information in the areas of Nursing, Pharmacology, Science and Nutrition for a total of 536 instructional hours. The second level offers more advanced studies into Nursing methods and procedures and Pharmacology, and an additional course in Growth and Development. Level II features more clinical hours than lecture, for a total of 485 hours. The final level is the most complex of the course. In Level III students approach the most difficult Nursing and Pharmacology concepts, with an additional course in Pediatrics. Finally, this level offers instruction in Leadership and Transition which gives future LPNs a glimpse at the trends and issues facing contemporary nursing. This level is made up mainly of clinical hours, with only 190 of the total 589 course hours being lecture.

Admission Requirements

For admission into the Greene County Career and Technology Center LPN Program applicants must provide documentation of meeting specific requirements, both academic and personal in nature. The applicant must have satisfactorily completed high school or an equivalent program and scored minimum standard rates on a pre-entrance exam. Professional references reflecting the applicant’s personal character, academic achievement and aptitude for furthered learning and the nursing industry must be submitted and the applicant must sit for an interview with Nursing Program faculty. Finally, good mental and physical health, as well as good moral character, must be shown through evidence of a physical examination, up-to-date immunization record and Criminal and Child Abuse Background check. After these specifications are met the admitted student is expected to have valid certification in CPR and health insurance prior to the first day of classes.

An in-demand job market and fulfilling responsibilities with the constant opportunity for advancement is appealing to many people. These motivated candidates can look to Practical Nursing as a means of securing stable medical-field employment quickly after graduation and also a path to furthered levels of achievement.

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