Grand Valley State University Nursing School Review

Grand Rapids State University (GVSU) was founded in response to the need of establishing a four-year university at Allendale, one of the largest metropolitan areas in Michigan. To that need, the university opened its door to students in 1960, at an ample location of 1300 acres of land. The university has expanded to be among the largest in terms of academic space and number of degree programs (over 100 undergraduate and graduate programs), among them nursing.

Grand Rapids State University- Nursing Programs Overview

Nursing at Grand Rapids State University consist of an appreciable number of programs all under the Kirkhof College of Nursing. There are three distinct nursing programs at the university: one at undergraduate and two beyond the undergraduate level. The three programs are fully accredited by NLNAC and approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing. Below is a breakdown of all the respective nursing programs offer:

Undergraduate Nursing Programs

At this level, the Kirkhof College of Nursing has three options for students to choose from. All the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree options lead to the award of the BSN and eligibility for the students to take the NCLEX-RN exam for licensure as registered nurses.

Traditional route

This is the traditional four year bachelor’s degree in nursing that welcomes new entrants into the nursing profession. The program requires students to cover a total of 126 general education and nursing credits. For this program, admission is strictly limited to high school graduates and hence, adult and transfer students are required to enroll for other options of the BSN.

Second Degree in Nursing

At the university, this program is offered as part time and full time study plans. It is specially designed for persons with a first baccalaureate degree from a non nursing field. It is the best fit for adult learners who want to have some time off for work. It takes the form of an accelerated study plan that allows students to complete their BSN requirements in very short time, usually below two years. Students are able to use their former degree transcripts to request credits transfer.

RN to BSN Completion

This option of the BSN allows registered nurses who hold diploma or associate degrees to progress to the BSN level. In this option, most students are transfer students who are admitted from articulated colleges and community colleges. RNs are able to use their licenses in receiving advanced standing towards the BSN. Just like the 2nd degree option, this route is also available in part time and full time study plans. RNs who are interested in getting a master level degree should consider enrolling for the RN to MSN program over the RN to BSN.

Graduate and Doctorate Nursing Degrees

Grand Rapids State University has two graduate level nursing programs:

Master of Science

At this level, the Kirkhof College of nursing trains registered nurses to become competent advanced practice nurses. The program does not have any nurse specialties to choose from and takes the form of a generalist advanced practice approach. It s both BSN and RN to MSN students who are willing to go into a general approach to advanced practice but on a slight incline to clinical nurse  leadership. It is also important to note that all MSN courses at Grand Rapids are taken via a blended online and face to face format.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

This post BSN program is taken in a blended web enhanced format to allow enrollment of distance students. At this level, students are able to choose from three tracks of concentration:

  • Advanced practice adult specialty
  • Advanced practice adolescent specialty
  • Nursing administration and health care systems

For the two advanced practice tracks, students take 94 credits for twelve semesters while the administration option requires 79 credits covered in about 10 semesters. It is rare for Grand Rapids State University to take MSN students for this program but those who wish to do so, get individualized plans different from those of the post BSN. This dictates different number of credits and completion time.

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