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Graceland University was established as Graceland College by the Community of Christ Church in 1895.  Though Graceland University’s nursing programs have been in existence since 1910, the college did not become a four-year institution until 1960.  The college now offers baccalaureate, master’s, doctoral and pre-degree programs in law, medicine, business, and social sciences.

Overview of Programs, Certificates, and Degrees

  • 1 online baccalaureate, 2 online master’s, and 1 online doctoral nursing program
  • Certificates and an additional bachelor’s degree program are campus-based
  • Students must complete a clinical practicum in their location
  • Grants, federal aid, and a unique grant program are available to nurses who work in under-served areas.

Online Nursing and Health Care Degrees Review

Graceland offers a wide variety of online health programs in every tier from baccalaureate to doctoral programs.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing


Students who hold an active nursing license can participate in the online Registered Nurse to Bachelors of Science degree in the nursing program. Course offerings include global health issues, maternal health, therapeutic interventions, community healthcare, adult health care, psychosocial aspects of care, and health assessment. Tuition is $467 per credit hour; 124 credits are required for graduation, some of which can be transferred from a previously completed RN program.  Students may also complete an accelerated program allowing them to drop one semester, however certain academic stipulations must be met prior to enrollment.

Online Master’s Degree in Nursing


The online RN to MSN program offers RNs the opportunity to save 11 credits of coursework by completing their BSN and MSN degrees in an accelerated program. Students also have the option of stopping out along the way and completing just the BSN portion of their program.  Students choose from a Family Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Educator specialization for their master’s coursework. Tuition is $467 and $597 per for baccalaureate and master’s level courses respectively.

Nurse Educator/Family Nurse Practitioner

For nursing professionals who already hold a BSN degree and a nursing license, students may complete the master’s only option and choose from one of two specializations. Courses are $597 per credit hour.

Course offerings for the family nurse practitioner specialization include primary care of families in pediatrics and adults, advanced practice procedures, and a practicum.  Courses for the nurse educator specialization include curriculum development, assessment of learning, and teaching strategies.  The family nurse practitioner and nurse educator specializations require 47 and 40 credits to graduate respectively.

Online Doctoral Degree in Nursing

The online Doctor of Nursing (DNP) program is new to Graceland and is recently announced as a logical step in their educational offerings, as nursing has been a part of the institution from its beginnings.  Course offerings include epidemiology, biostatistics, organizational leadership and collaboration, and a capstone project.  The program tuition fee is $807 per credit hour.  The DNP course requires 31 credits to complete the program.


The faculty at Graceland University hold qualifications from baccalaureate to doctoral degrees.

Things to consider:

  • Some courses require students to meet an online residency requirement at the Missouri campus.
  • MSN students must hold a BSN and current license at the time of being accepted to the program.


Graceland University’s nursing programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and have full approval status with the Iowa Board of Nursing and the Missouri State Board of Nursing.

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