Globe University/ Minnesota School of Business Nursing School Review

As the name suggests, Globe University/ Minnesota School of Business is truly a global university. The university has a very diverse local and international network. With over 11 satellite campuses in Minnesota alone and additional campuses in Wisconsin and South Dakota, the university has actually strived to have a global outreach. The university started as Minnesota business School, one of the oldest business schools in the state. Back in 1885, a German scholar conceived the idea of the business college which later evolved to the current Globe University; offering an array of bachelors, master and associate degree programs besides business.

Globe University Nursing

Approved by the Minnesota Board of Nursing and accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, the only nursing program at Globe University lead to a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree. The Program is offered at the auxiliary section of the university: Minnesota School of Business at its Richfield campus.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree Program

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Globe University is a pre-licensure program, open to new students entering the nursing profession. The curriculum is delivered from the Minnesota School of Business at Richfield campus. The program takes a holistic approach to nursing practice in molding nurses who are able to serve beyond the hospital walls.

The curriculum focuses on major nursing courses in addition to the underserved nursing concepts, philosophies and end of life nursing skills.  Usually, the program takes the form of an accelerated study mode where, the four year curriculum is covered in three academic years or thirty six months. The relatively short period is attributed to the fact that the courses are offered all year round in three semesters.

Admission to the program requires all applicants to show prove of having attended a nursing assistant class within the last five years. As such, the program allows students to start on experiential and co-operative in health agencies around the twin cities from as early as the last quarter of the freshman year. Admission to the program is on two occasions annually; semesters starting January and July.

Successful completion leads to the award of a Bachelor of Science in nursing and eligibility to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam to become a registered nurse.

Important Notes

Globe University was offering an online program of an RN to BSN completion program. The program was offering a chance to already registered nurses to advance to a bachelor’s degree in a flexible and convenient way. However, the university has suspended offering that program and the reason for halting admissions into the program is review of the curriculum. This was the program that used to accept transfer students and on this note, Globe University is not currently accepting nursing transfer credits. Students willing to get into this program are advised check regularly with the university’s academic register on the possible re-instatement dates for this program. But the university does not guarantee the re-instatement of the said program.

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