Global Health Nurse Training Services

Global Health Nurse Training Services (GHNTS) is now called Global Health College. It is a relatively new nurse training school that offers various nursing programs. It is located in Virginia (VA) and also serves the students of neighboring states of Maryland (MD) and Washington DC. It is accredited to offer nurse training programs by the nursing board of Virginia.

It started operations and the teaching program in the beginning of 2005 with only licensed practice nurses being the first to be admitted. After two years, the school was accredited to admit and train students in Associate of Science degree in nursing by the same Virginia Board of Nursing. The school is also certified and recognized by Virginia’s State Council of Higher Education.

Academic programs at GHNTS

Since the school is not very old, it currently has four accredited nursing programs. These four major nurse training programs at Global Health College (Global Health Nursing Services) are:

i)        Licensed Practice Nurse (LPN) Program

This was the pioneer nursing program at Global Health Nurse Training Services. It trains student nurses to become Licensed Practice Nurses as per the guidelines set by the VA Practice Act. The LPN curriculum at GHNTS is very comprehensive and detailed courses in planning, implementation, assessment of nursing concepts are taught. It also instills discipline in the student nurses by ensuring they adhere to the nursing code of ethics.

After successful completion of this program, students are certified by NCLEX by passing a certification exam. By the end of the past year, GHNTS had recorded a 92% pass rate for its students who took the NCLEX-LPN exam.

ii)      Associate of Nursing Degree

Global Health Nursing Services offers an Associate degree in Nursing. Students admitted to this program must take a total of twenty eight general education units in the first year.

In the second year, students take nursing major units that total up-to forty six giving the whole ASN degree a total of 74 units for both years. The program takes two years to complete with students taking supervised clinical classes in maternity, psychiatry and medical surgery.

iii)    Nurse Aide (NA) Programs/ Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)Training

This program at GHNTS runs for ten weeks and interested students are scheduled to have two sessions each week. The program is quite flexible and students can arrange to attend the nurse aide training programs at the most convenient days of the week.

As prerequisites, students are expected to prove to the admissions office completion of a high school diploma. Students must also have their criminal background checked and provide a health assessment record showing their state of health to be eligible for admission.

iv)    Medical Assistant

This is the last of the four nursing programs at Global Health Nursing Services.  Students who wish to enroll to this program must choose from five modules so as to receive certification. These include phlebotomy technician, Clinical Medical assistant, EKG technician, pharmacy technician or a billing and medical coding specialist.

For eligibility and admission into this medical assistant program, students must pass an entrance exam and show proof of a high school diploma, CPR and a clean criminal record.

The Student Body at GHNTS

Global Health Nurse Training Services is a training institution with students from all walks of life. The population of students is made up of African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and other foreign students. The school claims to be a discrimination free zone regardless of sex, race or origin.

Financial Aid for Global Health Nurse Training Services

Students studying at Global Health Nurse Training Services are eligible for federal financial aid by applying using the school code. The federal financial loans are available for all GHNTS programs. In addition, there is a school based financial award but this is only applicable to the LPN students only. The award of this financial aid is gauged based on financial need portrayed by the applicant student.

It is also worth noting that the Registered Nursing (RN) program offers a zero interest rates to students who plan to pay their tuition fees in installments.