Wallace Community College Selma Nursing Program Review

George Corley Wallace State Community College, commonly known as Wallace Community College Selma (WCCS), was created in early summer of 1963. The institution is growing each year to better serve its students as well as the area in which it lies. The institution runs two off-campus centers for educational purposes and is part of the Alabama Community College System (ACCS).

George Corley Wallace State Community College Nursing Program Review

This institution offers three different pathways to entering the field of nursing with an Associate Degree in Nursing. A traditional LPN to RN Mobility program offered allows for LPNs to take classes online and on campus. A Hybrid On-Line LPN to RN Mobility Program is also offered which allows for the students to have maximum flexibility of when they complete course work. This college also offers a traditional Associate Degree Nursing Program which is the traditional blend of general education courses with nursing specific courses. The nursing programs at Wallace Community College Selma are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and approved by the Alabama Board of Nursing. The school also offers a Nursing Assistant Program that allows students to enter the field of nursing at an entry level.  

Traditional LPN to RN Mobility Program

Students who are able to attend regular classes on campus may want to choose this program in order to gain their Associate Degree in Nursing. This program requires that the student be on campus in order to attend classes and lab experiences throughout the semester. Applicants who choose this type of program will earn the ability to apply to write for the National Licensure Exam. Licensed Practical Nurses who want to extend their knowledge and further their career will learn the necessary educational information as well as clinical experiences to promote themselves to the next level in the nursing profession.  Students are required to attend labs and clinical rotations throughout the semester on normally scheduled days during weekdays in order to complete this program.

Hybrid On-Line LPN to RN Mobility Program

For students who are unable to attend class room instruction on a regular basis, the hybrid on-line program may be the best route to obtaining their Associate Degree in Nursing. This program allows for the maximum flexibility in when the student listens to lectures and communicates with professors. However, if a student enrolled in this program needs to attend traditional classroom setting in order to get extra help with a concept they are having difficulty with, they are permitted to do so. Students are required to attend clinical rotations for 90 hours, but these are generally scheduled during the weekend or evening hours. Students enrolled in this program are required to attend some of the regularly schedule labs.

Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program – RN

This program requires that the student complete five semesters of full time study in order to achieve the degree. Two levels are included in the curriculum. In the first level, the student will demonstrate and utilize the basic nursing skills as well as an introductory knowledge to nursing processes. This level also includes an ability to create a teaching and learning strategy for the cultural diversity that the graduate will come in to contact with in the field. Level two includes demonstrating a expertise in executing advanced nursing skills as well as utilizing the ability to think critically in a wide array of settings. Graduates of this program are eligible to apply to take the national licensure examination. 

Nursing Assistant Program

The Nursing Assistant Program is offered to those students that want to start work immediately at an entry level. This program teaches students to provide the most basic care for the patients they will be providing most of the bedside, daily care for in a medical setting. There is a state certification exam that the student will be qualified to sit for after completion of this program. After successful completion of the program and the examination, the student can then be employed in a health care or home care atmosphere.


George Corley Wallace Community College
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