Framingham State University Nursing School Review

Just 20 miles on the West of Boston, Framingham State University (FSU) offers higher education on a world class city of Framingham- Massachusetts. Its metropolitan location brings a blend of excellent career opportunities, cultural cohesion and integration. In addition to being located in an excellent site at New England, it is one of the public universities in the State offering affordable yet high quality education. At Framingham State University, you will experience the ultimate freedom from racial, religion, gender, marital, age, creed discrimination- it has a strong nondiscrimination policy.

Framingham State University-Department of Nursing

The Department on nursing is one of the 20 academic departments at Framingham State University. The department offers four-well structured and accredited nursing programs one being in the undergraduate category while the other three are graduate programs. The National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and the States board for Registration of Nursing accredits the four nursing programs at Framingham State University. Here is a closer look of the four programs;

RN to BS (N)

The baccalaureate nursing degree from the university is specifically designed for registered nurses who already hold a nursing diploma or an associate degree in nursing.  The main concept of the BSN program is organized around preventive measures in nursing. On this note, courses are aimed at primary prevention of illness by mitigation of risk factors in illness and diseases. The second concept takes the form of secondary prevention where courses revolve around arresting of diseases development via early and accurate diagnosis. On the third concept, tertiary prevention is given emphasis on minimization of disability and illness via wellness campaigns.  The outcome of this program is the award of a Bachelors degree in nursing.

Master of Science in Nursing

At Framingham State University, students can enroll for any of the two Masters of Science in nursing tracks; Nursing Education or Nursing Leadership.  The two master concentrations aim at producing top-notch healthcare leaders and faculty members.  Students must be ready to take the learning mode for these two masters programs i.e. a hybrid format of study.

At enrollment, students will be guided on selected courses that must be offered online and those which they need to be on-campus. The most common presentation is the taking of theory classes online while the practicum sessions and some theory classes must be taken on-campus at their New England Campus.

Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education

This hybrid- format post-graduate certificate in nursing education is taken both from campus and online. However, Framingham State University only offers this three-course program during the fall semester of all odd Years. As a prerequisite, students must produce current and clean RN license valid in Massachusetts.  In addition, prospective students must have a minimum of Bachelor of Science in nursing degree and associate degree in nursing RNs are not eligible to enroll.

It is also worth noting that Bachelor of Science in nursing Students who take the Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education program are eligible for credit transfer if they wish to take the MSN- Nursing Educator program from the same university. However, this transfer is only applicable to students who scored a minimum grade of B in each of the certificate courses.

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