Fitchburg State University Nursing School Review

Fitchburg State University was founded in 1894 as a public centre of higher learning.  It combines strong liberal arts and science programs to come up with most of the needs of high school graduates and postgraduate students. It sits on a 60 acre land located right in the heart of Massachusetts at Fitchburg. In addition to the main campus at Fitchburg, the university has one satellite campuses at McKay Teacher Education center just near the main campus.

Nursing-Fitchburg State University

Fitchburg State University (FSU) prides itself in being the first public University in Fitchburg and Massachusetts at large to offer a nursing program. All the nursing programs from this university are fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and the States Board of Registration in nursing.  The nursing department currently offers two undergraduate nursing degrees and a one Master of Science in nursing program with a concentration in Forensic Science. It also has a post-graduate certificate in forensic nursing.

RN to BS nursing degree (Online)

At Fitchburg University, already licensed Registered Nurses who hold an associate degree or a diploma in nursing are eligible to enroll for this program. Future students of this nursing program must have a RN license from the state of Massachusetts which must be encumbered.  Fitchburg University embraces technology and ICT and on this note, the RN to BS nursing program is offered both online and on-campus.

This is an excellent idea for Massachusetts RNs who wish to have a BSN without giving-up their jobs. Students must take 121 credits most of which are transferred from the Diploma or Associate degree transcripts. Upon exemption,  the RN to BS program can be reduced to a total of 59 credits off which, 15 must be of liberal arts.  In addition, a student can only transfer 31 nursing credits from their former transcripts and the rest must come from the liberal arts, Science and Math prerequisites.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

This is a traditional four-year degree program that enrolls direct entry nurses offered in an on-campus study mode.  Students are expected to take a total of 121 credits as part of their theory and practical requirements to be awarded the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.

Master of Science in nursing- Forensic Nursing

This program offers advanced practice nursing skills for RNs only and does not take direct entry masters students. Just like the RN to BSN program at Fitchburg, this graduate nursing program is offered entirely online. Students also take concentrations in forensic nursing with a requirement of 36 credits. In addition, students must arrange for their 420 hours of clinical component package required for their graduation.

Forensic Nursing Graduate Certificate

This is also a complete online nursing program meant for MSN students to acquire a specialization in forensic nursing. It is a relatively short course and requires a total of 21 credits to complete. The course however has a large and dedicated clinical approach whereby, students are expected to complete 360 hours of clinical practice before being awarded the Post-Graduate certificate.

Fitchburg State University
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