Finlandia University Nursing School Review

Finlandia University was founded in 1986 first as a college and later on advancing into a university. It is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Hancock. The university has two campuses; the main one at Hancock and the satellite one just at close proximity to the main and is known as the Jutila Campus. With the opening of the Jutila Campus, the college was renamed to Finlandia University (FU). In terms of academics, the university has four colleges among them the college of health sciences that hosts the school of nursing.

College of Health Sciences

The college has the vision of delivering high quality university education to the rural areas of Michigan. Under the nursing school at Finlandia university are two nursing programs; which have been accredited and approved by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and the Michigan Board of Nursing in that order. The two programs are of undergraduate level. At the moment, the university does not offer graduate level nursing programs.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

This program at Finlandia University is relatively new dating back to 2007 when it received the first accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Despite the age, the program is very popular and is specifically designed to cater for educational needs of students getting their first nursing education experience. The program takes the form of the traditional four year curriculum upon which, students are expected to graduate.

The successful completion of the programs leads to the award of a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree together with eligibility to it for the NCLEX-RN exam.  In total, a minimum of 126 credits are required to graduate from this program; 70 nursing and 56 general education courses. However, students can add on to this mandatory courses hence taking-up to five years to complete the program.

RN to BSN –Completion Program

The program is carefully designed to meet the needs of career advance for already practicing registered nurses. It calls for enrollment for nurses who already have a diploma or two-year degree in nursing. This is because the curriculum only builds on prior nursing experience from the start.

The program is designed to ensure learners do not; at the most cases drop their day jobs. It therefore, has incorporated both face to face classroom instructions with online teaching technologies to ensure the delivery of the curriculum. The university has high enrolment of adult learners, hence, adopted a faculty- independent-study design to meet the needs of every individual students.

Students also have options to take the curriculum on a part time or full time basis depending on their daily commitments. Due to credit transfer from the RN license, the full time students can fulfill the 126 credits towards a BSN in three to four semesters while the part time period depends on courses taken by the student. Students can choose to take the program in any desired amount of time but not exceeding seven years. For this program too, the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree is awarded upon successful completion of the degree requirements stipulated by Finlandia University.

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