Finger Lakes Health- Geneva General Hospital Nursing Program Review

Finger Lakes Regional Health Care System (FLHSA)/Geneva General Hospital (GGH) is a nursing school that offers several programs that train nurses to work in the health care field. The school has a Certified Nursing Assistant program, a Licensed Practical Nursing program, and an Associate Degree nursing program. The College of Nursing offers day and evening and weekend class schedules to accommodate adult learners who want to continue their education.

Nursing Programs

RN Program – Associate Degree in Applied Science (AAS)

The Associate Degree in Applied Science (AAS) offered at the College of Nursing prepares students to enter a career as a Registered Nurse (RN). During the two year program, students have extensive hands-on experience with 675 hours of clinical practice. The ultra-modern nursing lab allows students to have virtual experiences to develop their clinical skills. The College of Nursing at Geneva General Hospital works in collaboration with Finger Lakes Community College. All liberal arts and science courses are taught by the community college’s faculty.

Admission to the College of Nursing is competitive. Applicants must be high school graduates or have their GED. They also must have earned at least a C in biology, chemistry, and two years of math including algebra in high school. Applicants who did not take these in high school may take them at Finger Lakes Community College, but they must be completed before applying for admission to the AAS program. Applicants must have current immunizations and be certified in CPR.

Those accepted into the program earn 68 credits, including 38 in nursing courses and 30 in liberal arts and sciences. During the two year program, students take Anatomy & Physiology I with a Lab, Introduction to Psychology, Freshman English, Nursing Science I, and Nursing Technology the first semester. During the second semester, Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab, Developmental Psychology, and Nursing Science II are completed. The second year, first semester consists of Microbiology, Introductory Sociology, and Nursing Science III. In the final semester of the program, students take Introduction to Literature, Ethics, Nursing Science IV, and Nursing as a Profession. After completing these courses, they may apply for licensure and take the NCLEX national exam.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Program

Students must be high school graduates or have their GED to be admitted to the LPN program at Geneva General Hospital. They must have successfully completed a General Biology course, passed the English Pre-Placement Test, and have satisfactory references. Applicants are required to write a personal essay explaining why they want to enter the LPN program. In addition, they must have a satisfactory physical examination including the required immunizations. The LPN program takes 50 weeks to complete and it begins each September.

The curriculum consists of three trimesters. During the first trimester, Nursing I, Fundamentals of Nursing, Anatomy & Physiology I, and Freshman English I are taken. The second trimester consists of Nursing II, Anatomy & Physiology II, and Introduction to Psychology. The final trimester consists of Nursing III, English II, and Developmental Psychology. Students must maintain at least a C in all classes. Upon completion, graduates may take the NCLEX-LPN to obtain their license as Licensed Practical Nurses.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Program

The Certified Nurse Assistant course at the College of Nursing includes classroom instruction plus supervised clinical experience. There 153 hours of training required, including classroom, lab practice, and supervised clinical hours. Upon graduation, students may apply for their certification as Certified Nurse Assistants.

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