Ferris State University Nursing School Review

Ferris State University (FSU) is named after the governor who served in Michigan State for two years, Nathan Ferris. It history dates back to 1884 and was initially started off as  private institution of higher learning known as the Big Rapids Industrial school. By the year 1950, Ferris was changed to become a state owned college and later on upgraded to a state university in 1987. Since then, Ferris state has been a fast growing public university with a great network of 19 satellite campuses all over Michigan in addition to the main campus at Big Rapids. For this expansion, the university is often referred to as the “Statewide University”

Nursing at Ferris State University

In the college of Allied Health Sciences is the school of nursing at Ferris state university. The school offers five of the over 180 programs in the university. The school of nursing aims to prepare professional nurses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Formerly, there was an Associate in nursing degree but was later replaced to become the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. A concise breakdown of nursing programs at Ferris state University will take the form of:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing-Pre-licensure Program

The program takes-in fresh students who are entering nursing most preferably for the first time. The program has a very intensive curriculum that aims at molding competent nurses in a period of two years. It is a full time commitment that enrolls every fall and spring and a part time option if available for students who will be taking nursing as a second degree.

The latter second degree in nursing is an extremely high paced option with admission taking place every summer. The curriculum for the second degree option takes one calendar year to finish, which is one of the fastest such degrees in Michigan. The short duration for completion is attributed to the all year round classes for both programs. Students are then able to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam after successful completion of the required nursing and general education credits at Ferris University.

RN to BSN Completion Program

The completion program is highly dynamic to meet the needs of working nurses, hence alleviating the need of giving up their day work. The program is also offered in almost all the 16 campuses of Ferris state university to ensure accessibility to class. In addition, the program is ideally delivered in a 50-50 basis for both online and site based instructions.

The site based classes are offered only in the evening and require one attendance/ week. There is an exclusive online option that is open to all students or those who cannot reach the site based locations. This program accepts transfer students from about 8 colleges and community colleges in Michigan.

RN to MSN Accelerated Program

The program is designed for RNs who do not hold a BSN degree and would like to get to the MSN level. The application must first be started at the above RN to BSN level at Ferris with an indication to progress to the MSN level. The student is then expected to complete a RN to MSN bridgework of 59 credits after which they will enter the MSN level. In addition to the bridging, students applying for this accelerated track must show prove of two years full time working experience.

Master of Science in Nursing

The MSN program at Ferris State University is adult learners-oriented meaning they are designed to cover the curriculum in an online mode. Almost all the nursing courses required to cover the requirements for graduation are offered in an online option. Only a few exceptions of the courses require site based instruction; for the MSN-nurse informatics specialty, which are also quite flexibly offered on Saturdays. The MSN students at Ferris are free to choose from:

  • MSN –Nursing Informatics
  • MSN-Nursing Administration and
  • MSN-Nursing Education

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