Fairleigh Dickson University Nursing School Review

Fairleigh Dickson University (FDU) was established in 1942 as a private junior college in New Jersey. In 1948, the college introduced 4-year programs to replace the 2-year programs.  Fairleigh Dickson College was granted university status in 1956 and expanded its outreach to acquire a satellite campus in Madison. The university has a global approach in providing American education and as such, it has established international campuses in England and Vancouver, Canada.  Its main campus is located in metropolitan Teaneck Township of Bergen County.

Nursing Programs at FDU

Nursing programs at FDU are offered at the Henry P Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health. Programs range from baccalaureate nursing degrees which include a traditional 4-year option, an accelerated track for career shifter and completion tracks for registered nurses.  At graduate level, there are 7 Master of Science in nursing (MSN) tracks and 3 post-Master/Post-doctorate certificates options. Students interested in a terminal degree in nursing can apply for the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). The school of nursing and all the programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. It is also approved by New Jersey Board of Nursing.

BS in Nursing (BSN)

The BSN program at FDU has many entry options for qualified students wishing to become registered Nurses (RN)

BS in Nursing (Eight Semester Plan)

This is the traditional 4-year nursing program designed for recent high school graduates and transfer students. Successful candidates are admitted annually for classes beginning fall semester.  The curriculum consists of 128 credits that can be completed on full time and part time study plans. Students become eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam after successful completion of the coursework.

BS in Nursing (RN to BSN) With an Associate Degree

This BSN track is meant for registered nurses with an associate degree from an accredited program. RN candidates for this program must have valid and active licenses to be eligible to apply. Such students are automatically awarded a minimum of 66 credits of lower division requirements for the FDU BSN program.  The remaining 62 upper division nursing and support credits are completed at Fairleigh.

BS in Nursing (RN to BSN) Without an Associate Degree

This RN to BSN completion program is designed for registered nurse graduates of accredited diploma nursing programs.  Candidates under this track receive a minimum of 30 semester credits for the lower division courses and the remaining coursework of 98 credits is completed at FDU.  The 2 completion options for registered nurses are available in both full time and part study plans.

Accelerated B.S. in Nursing (A.B.S.N.)

The college graduate track is designed for those interested in switching careers and get into nursing. Candidates must have graduated with a non-nursing bachelor degree from an accredited school to be eligible for the program. Graduates are enrolled in an accelerated track that helps them prepare for the NCLEX-RN exam for licensure as registered nurses.

This second degree in nursing option is offered in 1 and 2-year plans provided students have all the required prerequisite courses. For the 1 year plan, courses are taught starting from the May semester whereas for the 2-year plan, courses commence in September each year. Those who enroll prior to completing all pre-requisite courses remain designated as Undeclared Nursing students until the said courses are completed.

Graduate Nursing Programs

The graduate programs comprise of the larger number of nursing programs at Fairleigh University.  There are 7 MSN under the graduate category and 3 post-master certificate options.  All the MSN programs are available in both full time and part time options. Below is a list of the programs:

  • Adult Nurse Practitioner- 30 credits
  • Adult Nurse Practitioner (with focus on Education or Administration) – 39 credits
  • Forensic Nursing- 42 credits
  • Family Nurse Practitioner- 38 credits
  • Psychiatric/ Mental Health Nursing-32 credits
  • Nursing Information Systems-32 credits
  • Nursing Education-33 credits

Bridge Program to MSN Programs

FDU has a bridge program to the MSN programs that gives registered nurses with a non-nursing BS degree an opportunity to become advanced practice nurses in a shorter period. Such registered nurses take bridging courses which facilitates matriculation into the MSN programs.

RN to BSN to MSN

This program enables registered nurse to complete a BSN and continue to earn a MSN degree. New students are admitted every summer, spring and fall semesters and can choose between the full time and part time delivery plans . From the 2-year associate program, RN can transfer 66 credits and take an additional 36 upper division nursing credits. The remaining credits to make up -to 128 for the BSN can also be transferred.

The RN to BSN portion allows students to take 3 double-edged graduate courses which can be used towards both the baccalaureate and MSN programs. The program is offered under the University Joint Community College Partnerships. Under this arrangement, students have the advantage of completing nursing courses at:

  • Gloucester Community College
  • Mountainside School of Nursing
  • Raritan Valley Community College

Students only come to Fairleigh Dickson University to complete the MSN capstone course. Courses for the BSN and MSN degree requirements are taught by FDU faculty on 1 day per week schedules.

Post-Master’s Certificates

MSN-prepared students can take courses for certification in the following post-master’s certificate options:

  • Nursing Education
  • Nursing Information Systems
  • Adult Nurse Practitioner

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

The DNP program at FDU prepares nurses for the highest level of clinical-expert practice. Candidates must be registered nurses with advanced practice MSN degree from nationally accredited programs. However, a DNP Bridge program is in place for registered nurses with a non-MSN masters degree. The program puts emphasis on health education, health promotion and disease prevention.  The curriculum consists of 36 credits and students can choose from two specialization tracks available:

  • Clinical leadership
  • Organizational leadership

24 credits are for the core curriculum and 12 credits are for each of the specialization tracks chosen.  Courses are delivered through the executive education model. This format allows students to complete 9 credits and 6 credits in a 16-week semester for full time and part time students respectively.  All graduation requirements must be completed in 5 years.

Nursing Scholarships/loans at FDU

Two scholarship/loan programs are available for student nurses at FDU namely:

Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP)-This is designed for MSN students taking the Nursing Education tracks. Students can be either in the full time or part time plans. After graduation, nurses can serve as a member of faculty in an accredited nursing college for 4 years to offset 85% of the loan.

RWJF/New Careers in Nursing Scholarship Program- This scholarship program is meant for college graduates with non-nursing degree who wish to change careers and get into nursing.

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