Endicott College Nursing Program Review

Endicott College (EC) can be classified as a family idea where, back in 1939 near the end of the great depression, Dr Eleanor Tupper and her husband Dr. George Olav Bierkoe started off this institution of higher learning. Initially, the college was targeted at offering education to female students but later, inclusion of both sexes was considered. Endicott College received its college operation charter the same year from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

It later was granted authority to offer Associate of Arts and Science degrees by the same body in 1944. A further milestone for the school came eight years on when; the New England Association of Schools and Colleges accredited Endicott College.

School Of Nursing at Endicott College

The school of nursing at Endicott prides itself in providence of quality education with the aim of preparing nurses for NCLEX-RN exams. With accreditation from the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and Massachusetts Board of Registration on Nursing, prospective students can enroll for the following nursing programs at Endicott College:

RN to BS nursing Program

This nursing program is specifically designed for already licensed registered nurses who have current and unrestricted RN licenses.  It aims on building on the prior nursing experience with a future outcome of awarding students the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.  The program can exempt up-to 84 credits from their ADN programs hence, allowing students to take 42 credits out of the required 126 for the direct entry BSN.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

This is a direct entry program that takes both RNs and fresh nursing students.  RNs who wish to take this route at Endicott must enroll for four academic years; otherwise, they can opt for the shorter RN to BS option. Direct entry students must have satisfactory GED scores before admission and must be ready to take 126 credits of both nursing theory and practicum sessions.

Master of Science in Nursing Program

This graduate nursing program is offered at the Van Loan Schools of Graduate and Professional Studies. It takes two academic years to complete this 33-credits program at Endicott.  The masters program at Van Loan School offers two areas of concentrations i.e. Nurse Educator and Nurse Administrator tracks.  It is also worth noting that all the s are offered as a hybrid with students taking both online and classroom lessons.  All classroom sessions are taught at Beverly Campus only on weekends and evenings.

Endicott’s Fifth Year MSN

There is a big advantage for students who would wish to continue with their nursing graduate studies at Endicott. Recently, Endicott has introduced this highly time-slashed approach of finishing a Master of Science in Nursing. With this relatively new concept, undergraduates of Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Endicott are able to fulfill quite a number of requirements for the MSN- Nurse Educator and Nurse Administrator programs.  These courses are meant to be covered in the fourth year of the BSN and as such, students will only require one additional academic year to complete a master’s program.

The fifth year Master of Science in nursing is meant to encourage Endicott nursing students to advance from BS to Masters Level. However, students wishing to take this option must apply during their junior BSN years and must have exceptional grades through to the third year. This program is recognized and accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

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