Elms College Nursing Program Review

An institution rooted in the Catholic faith, Elms College is a Co-educational, liberal arts college that prides with providence of higher education as a career as well as a way of life.  Dating back to1908, Elms College has evolved from a small Dioceses academy to the big College it is today. But it remained a diploma awarding college until 1928 when the school started offering its first bachelor degree in the education specialization. 

From then on, it offers educational advantages of a small college as well as the excellent opportunities of a diversified university. Its full name is the College of Our Lady of the Elms.

Division of Nursing -Elms College

The Division of nursing at Elms College offers four nursing programs which are accredited and recognized by the Massachusetts Board of Nursing as well as the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education. Of the four, three are undergraduate programs while one is a graduate degree. The division of nursing forms one of the three most popular undergraduate majors along with Business and Social work divisions. All nursing programs are offered on-campus at Chicopee, Massachusetts.

RN to BS Nursing Program

At Elms College, registered nurses are given the chance to build on their nursing skills by enrolling for the RN to BS program. Elms College adopts a Cohort learning model where student are largely encouraged to work in team.  The program is handled by an interdisciplinary faculty involving courses from nursing, humanities and general sciences.

The program builds on past RN education to come-up with professional nurses who are able to practice in the rapidly changing nursing field. Upon completion, Students are awarded a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree

The nursing curriculum at Elms Colleges is delivered in well designed contemporary teaching methods that include extensive clinical practice, interactive classroom learning and simulation techniques that resemble the real nursing profession. The BSN integrates both sciences and liberal arts in their curriculum with a specialization in nursing to come-up with professional nurses.  The BSN takes the usual four years to complete typical of many Bachelor degrees. Students in this program also have great chances of getting exchange study programs from nursing colleges in Spain, China, Greece, Ireland and London.

Accelerated Second Degree in Nursing

For students who already have an associate or bachelors degree from another field, they are welcome to join the division of nursing at Elms for a second degree. Students entering this program must have completed prerequisite courses and must show their academic conduct from the previous university. This highly paced nursing degree takes students two academic years and one semester to complete which totals to roughly twenty months of study.

Elms Nursing Graduate School

For Students aspiring to undertake graduate nursing studies at Elms College, there are two Masters of Science in nursing programs available. Accredited by CCNE, the two Programs are:

  • Master of Science in Nursing-Nursing and Health Services Management
  • Master of Science in Nursing-Nurse Educator

The nursing education option prepares nurses to become faculty members in collegiate and practice nursing environments. On the other hand, the management option equips the nurse with skills of managerial and leadership capacity. At the end of the day, graduates are able to work in highly demanding legislative, consulting, health services improvement and nursing care fields.

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