Ellis School of Nursing Program Review

The Ellis School of Nursing (ESON) offers an Associate in Science degree in Nursing to students upon graduation. It is a small school with about 122 students enrolled in their programs. Students commute to Ellis School of Nursing since there is no campus housing available. Applications should be submitted as early as possible, around a year before beginning classes. Students are notified of their acceptance in the spring. Applications that are submitted late will be considered if there are still available openings.

Nursing Program

Associate in Science Degree

ESON offers both a day program and an evenings and weekends program. Only U.S. citizens are admitted to the school since it is not authorized to admit international students. The application process includes submitting the application to the program along with the application fee and proof of high school graduation or graduate equivalency diploma. Applicants with strong backgrounds in verbal, math, and science classes are given preference for admission to the program, as well as those with a minimum average of 80 percent or better and ranking in the upper one-half of their class. Also, students must have taken and passed chemistry, biology, and algebra within the last five years. If applicants have taken either the SAT or ACT exam, these should be submitted along with their application and other documents. Two references are also required. Once a student is accepted into the program, he or she must have a health examination and screening and must earn their certificate in CPR.

There are additional admission requirements for evening and weekend applicants. These applicants must show completion of Anatomy & Physiology I & II and Microbiology. Applicants to either program must meet the functions, skills, and physical requirements necessary for a nursing career.

Once an applicant is accepted to the program, it will take four semesters and one summer session to complete. Ellis School of Nursing has agreements with various community colleges nearby so that their students can complete non-nursing courses on their campuses.

In the fall session of the first semester, students take Foundations of Nursing Practice, Anatomy & Physiology I, Psychology, and College Composition. Foundations of Nursing Practice requires 15 class lab hours and 67.5 clinical lab hours in addition to 60 theory hours in the classroom. Future nursing courses also require additional lab hours. In the spring semester, students take Medical-Surgical Nursing, Anatomy & Physiology II, and Microbiology. The summer session consists of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing and Developmental Psychology. In the second year, fall semester students must take Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing, Transition into Professional Practice, and Introduction to Pharmacology. The final semester includes Nursing Care of Women & Children, Nutrition, and a Sociology elective.

Nursing students at Ellis School of Nursing also complete hours of clinical experience. They acquire experience in medical, surgical, pediatric, geriatric, and psychiatric nursing at Ellis Hospital, Bellevue Woman’s Center, and Ellis Health Center. Other community resources are used for community health nursing, rehabilitation, psychiatric, pediatric, and obstetrical clinical experience. Graduates of the program qualify to take the NCLEX national licensure exam.

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