Eastern University Nursing School Review

The 4,000 students of Eastern University (EU) thrive in an environment based on the private Christian university’s three core values of reason, justice and faith. Founded in 1925 as a Seminary school, the Eastern earned the title of University in 2001. It has since earned extensive recognition for its programs and achievements.

Nursing Program

The Nursing Program at Eastern University is designed to allow students interested in pursuing fulfilling careers in the nursing field to gain progressing levels of education. Beginning students must first enter a pre-licensure program that introduces general education concepts before petitioning for full admission into the formal Nursing Program. Successful graduates are eligible to sit for licensing exams to enter the workforce with competitive credentials.

Pre-Licensure Program

This program is a traditional nursing course of study aimed at preparing students for rigorous instruction in the field. Students will pass one year of general education before being eligible to apply for the actual Nursing Major in the first part of their sophomore year. This application does not guarantee acceptance into the Nursing Major as entrance is highly competitive and only the most qualified and passionate applicants will be awarded entrance into the program. Students who are successfully admitted into the Major and complete the program will earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

RN to BSN Program

Already-licensed Registered Nurses are eligible for an accelerated path to the BSN. Courses are taught in a combination of online instruction and seminars that allow the student to complete the degree program in 49 credits. Clinical experiences within this program are independently achieved and can be designed to reflect the individual student’s personal aspirations. Graduates will be awarded nationally-recognized certificates in addition to the BSN which offer credentials for the qualification of specialty careers.

Second BSN Program

Students that have already earned a Bachelor degree in another discipline are eligible to pursue a BSN as a second degree on a further accelerated track. With an appropriate degree and fulfillment of program prerequisites, the student will have the option of entering the Nursing Program as a junior. Clinical experiences can be personalized to expose the students to the particular type of nursing that interests them.

The RN to BSN Track for Korean Nurses

This unique Eastern University program is designed to give Korean nurses a customized program that will lead to success as a professional nurse in the United States or Korea. In addition to the course requirements for the traditional RN to BSN Program Korean nurses will also engage in English as a Second Language and courses modified for cultural competence.

Master of Science in Health Sciences

The MS degree allows graduate students to pursue advanced education that will allow for furthered career opportunities as well as increasing overall student awareness of health service topics. This program is offered in a highly cooperative, experiential format that encourages students to learn through research and activity.

RN Refresher Program

Also unique to the Nursing Program at Eastern University, the RN Refresher Program appeals to Registered Nurses who have been away from clinical experience and are interested in returning to the field. This program instructs students in emerging trends and understandings in the field of nursing. The six week course is comprised of classroom lecture and clinical experience.

The Nursing Program at Eastern University strives to develop not just nursing professionals but balanced human beings offering skilled and compassionate care to a variety of patients.

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