Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell Nursing School Review

Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell (ENMU-Roswell, ENMUR, ENMU-R) is a public 2-year university established in 1958. It was established as a branch of ENMU-Portales which had been operational from 1934. The mother campus offers 4-year degree programs while its 2 satellite campuses; Roswell and Ruidoso, offer 2-year programs. Due to the affiliation with the major campus ENMU-Portales, Roswell associate degrees and certificate programs are specially designed to transfer to the main campus. However, students are free to make their own choices in terms of career entry and transfer prospects.

Nursing Programs at Eastern New Mexico-Roswell

ENMU –Roswell has two nursing programs to offer to interested students. Those wishing to enter the nursing profession from the basic level can choose to apply for the nursing assisting certificate program. Those interested in professional nursing, the associate degree is their choice. The latter is designed to enable students to directly transfer to ENMU-Portales to complete a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) degree. The nursing program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and approved by the New Mexico State Board of Nursing.

Nursing Assisting

This is a short program that trains entry-level students to become direct caregivers in hospitals, health care agencies and long term care facilities. The program takes 10 weeks of both clinical and practical study of one nursing assisting course. Following completion, students are awarded a Certificate of Occupational Training in Nursing Assisting/ Certificate of Employability. Graduates can also take a state certification exam to become Certified Nurse Assistants.

Associate of Science in Nursing

This registered nurse program prepares students to become registered nurses by taking the NLCEX-RN exam. Candidates for the programs are expected to have completed a nursing assistant course and be certified as nurse assistants. Candidates without state certification as CNA must provide proof of at least 6 months full time working experience as a nursing assistant to be eligible to apply.

The curriculum consists of between 66-74 credit hours: 40 nursing credits and at least 26 general education credits. Students admitted having taken prerequisites courses take four semesters to complete while those without prerequisites take an extra year before starting on the nursing program. Upon successful completion, an associate of science in nursing degree is awarded. Graduates also become academically prepared to take the NLCEX-RN exam.

BSN Completion Program

Graduates of the associate degree at Roswell are given the chance to complete a BSN degree program at ENMU-Portales. This is a 100% online program that offers students to complete a baccalaureate degree at the comfort of their homes. However, graduates of the Roswell program must complete the NLCEX-RN exam and be registered nurses before being eligible for the Portales BSN program.

The BSN completion offers an upper division nursing program of 46 credits projected to be completed within three years. Students are free to choose their preceptors and clinical sites for purposes of clinical practical. All courses in the program can be taken at a student’s pace; i.e. no specific times for taking courses.

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