Eastern Michigan University Nursing School Review

Eastern Michigan University (EMU) can be traced back to Michigan State Normal School, offering teaching programs in 1849. Over the years, the school merged with other schools while changing names at the same time. In 1956, it became a college and finally in 1959, it became Eastern Michigan University. The school offers good interaction of school life, recreation, research and cultural diversity due to it proximal location to the Detroit metropolitan area. Since becoming a university, the university expanded its academic outreach to include other programs besides the education route. The College of Health and Human Services at Eastern Michigan University was part of that expansion program.

Eastern Michigan University-School of Nursing

The school of nursing is under the larger college of Health and Human Services and is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing. Under the school, there are three undergraduate programs and one graduate level degree. Below is detailed and expounded information pertinent to those nursing programs:

Undergraduate Nursing Programs

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Students enrolling for this program ought to complete 124 credits to be allowed to graduate. The credits cover general education courses, sciences and nursing major courses.  It is designed for entry level students who wish to get into the nursing profession. Students are awarded the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree upon completion and are hence eligible to sit for the NCLEX_RN exam.

Bachelor of Science-RN to BS Completion

This program is offered to registered nurses who come to Eastern Michigan University as a result of articulation agreement with other community colleges. The program does hesitate from admitting students in this program who are not part of the articulated colleges while giving preference to the latter lot. If one is planning to enroll to this program, they must check that their former school; which awarded the associate in nursing degree, has articulation agreements with Eastern Michigan.

Second Degree-BSN

This is a degree program that allows students with non nursing baccalaureates to take a second degree in the field of nursing.  It takes the form of a highly paced nursing program with students earning their bachelor of science in nursing degree within 16 months of full time study. Upon graduation, students are able to sit for the NCLEX_RN exam to become licensed as registered nurses. All other requirements for this program mirror those of the traditional BSN including credits, prerequisites and clinical experience.

Graduate programs

Master of Science in Nursing

The masters program at Eastern Michigan University prepares advanced practice nurses who will serve the community by choosing one of the following nursing specialties:

  • Master of Science in Nursing-Adult health Clinical nurse specialist
  • Master of Science in Nursing-Adult health and concentration
  • Master of Science in Nursing-Adult health clinical nurse specialist and concentration

Students can choose individualized study, gerontology, teaching in health care systems and quality improvement in healthcare systems as part of the concentration.  For any of the concentration options, students need extra hours to complete the courses involved.

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