Eastern Center for Arts and Technology Nursing Program Review

The Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (ECAT), an institute designed for the advancement of middle and high school students, as well as adults, strives to prepare its students to choose and excel at a career in today’s competitive workforce. Offering more than just a theoretical general education, East Tech gives its students strong skills and knowledge to help them succeed in their chosen profession.

Nursing Program

The Eastern Center for Arts and Technology provides adults continuing education opportunities to enable them to pursue stable careers in a short period of time. The flexible program offers two timing options so students can focus on training in conjunction with their own schedules.

Practical Nursing Program

Licensed Practical Nurses are in extremely high demand in the medical field. These beginning level professionals provide basic bedside care to patients experiencing common medical issues. Their responsibilities include taking vital signs, simple procedures and aiding in the designing and implementation of treatment plans under the direct supervision of Registered Nurses and physicians.

How Long is the Program?

Students entering the Practical Nursing Program at East Tech have the option of following a full-time or part-time course of study. The full-time program is offered Monday through Friday in the fall and spring. This course lasts one calendar year. The part-time program is offered two nights a week plus every other weekend for two calendar years. At the end of the program students will be prepared to sit for state licensing exams that will qualify them for employment as Licensed Practical Nurses in various medical settings.

Admission Requirements

Interested applicants must meet certain requirements before gaining admission into the Practical Nursing Program. A completed application must accompany two letters of recommendation from professional references and an official transcript from an approved high school or equivalent program. After fulfilling these requirements the applicant must achieve satisfactory scores on the pre-entrance TEAS exam. This exam evaluates the general academic understanding of the applicant as well as his aptitude for further learning.

Course of Study

The Practical Nursing Program is taught in three levels of progressive intensity. The learning of each builds upon the elements of the previous level to introduce the clinical aspects of nursing as well as the sociological and personal elements. Level I features studies in basic anatomy and physiology, and pharmacology as well as fundamental lessons in Nursing and an introduction to the relationships Nursing will create, while Level II introduces Medical Surgical Nursing. Level III discusses Maternal Child and Pediatric Nursing as well as furthering the understanding of Personal and Vocational Relationships. Within this course students will learn about the contemporary issues related to Nursing and how to handle particular real-life situations.

Successful completion of this program will prepare graduates to sit for state licensing exams but will also lay the foundation for further education. Working in conjunction with Montgomery County Community College (MCCC), Eastern Center for Arts and Technology offers students the opportunity to gain advanced placement in the Nursing Program at the MCCC. This program awards graduates an AAA degree, which can prepare students for more advanced career opportunities.

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