East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania Nursing School Review

In just 90 years East Stroudsburg Normal School rose in the ranks from just over 300 students to holding the respected title of University and boasting over 3,000 students. The nearly 70 buildings of the university are nestled on 256 acres of peaceful property. A small student body is comprised of men and women studying Fine Arts, Sciences and various other disciplines. East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania (ESU) provides its students with a technologically sound education supported by computer labs and communication and instruction resources.

Nursing Program

The East Stroudsburg Nursing Program is designed to offer a range of educational and career opportunities to students interested in being a part of the rapidly growing medical field.  Each of the courses of study within the main program represents the opportunity for students to progress to higher levels of education and training to improve their knowledge and technical skill.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree

East Stroudsburg’s Undergraduate Nursing Program is designed to provide a strong foundation of Nursing education to students. Successful completion of this program earns the graduate a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and prepares her to sit for the state licensing exams that will qualify her to seek employment as a Registered Nurse. RNs with baccalaureate degrees are able to compete in the workforce and fill roles in various medical settings such as long-term facilities, regular medical practices, service agencies and acute care hospitals. This degree also prepares interested students to pursue further education on the graduate level. This transition is facilitated through a formal internship toward the end of the four-year program.

RN to BS Program

Current Registered Nurses with valid licensing will soon be eligible to enter the BSN Program on an accelerated track. Using previous nursing experience as a basis for the program, these students will be able to move through the course of study more quickly and seek employment with the advanced credentials of a BS degree. Admission into this program requires demonstration of academic performance and satisfactory scores on placement tests.

School Nurse Certificate Program

The role of a school nurse is not only special but unique in the nursing field. The School Nurse Certification Program, though not technically a graduate program, is instructed at the graduate levels as well as the undergraduate level. This course of study prepares students with sufficient nursing experience to pursue certification as either a career path or as electives during the pursuit of a graduate career. Admission into this program requires a student to hold a BSN as well as fulfillment of specific English and Mathematics prerequisites. Each applicant must present a satisfactory letter of recommendation and be personally interviewed prior to acceptance into the certification program.

The education acquired through the Nursing Program adequately prepares students to succeed on state-required licensing exams and pursue immediate careers in their specialized area. Students are also encouraged, if interested, to seek more advanced education that will build on the skill set created through the program. In the highly competitive workforce it is crucial to have the strongest credentials and best-developed skills for the particular role a graduate wishes to fill. A Nursing education through East Stroudsburg University will give graduates confidence to present themselves to prospective employers as the ideal candidate for the position.

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