East Arkansas Community College Nursing Program Review

East Arkansas Community College (EACC) has been in operation since 1974. The school is accredited by Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The Department of Allied Health Science offers health related courses as part of the school’s curriculum.

Nursing students can choose the Traditional Track Nursing Program and LPN/LPTN Accelerated Track Nursing. Both programs are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) and approved by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing (ASBN).

Traditional Track Nursing Program

This is a 2-year program that has been in operation since 1976. Upon successful completion of the course graduates will be able to apply both theoretical and practical knowledge in the nursing practice. In addition to this, they will acquire the necessary communication skills to relate to patients, families and other nursing and non-nursing professionals.

To be accepted into the program, applicants must comply with the entry requirements that include, but are not limited to: sound physical disposition, clear analytical thinking, ability to work under stress, make quick decisions, etc.

The LPN/LPTN Accelerated Track

This is a 1-year course that was implemented in 1990.  It is an intense course and students are sought by local recruiters during the spring semester of each year. The core goal of this program has many similarities with the traditional track nursing program. Acceptance into the program is only possible if all requirements are met.

Professional Development Course: RN to EMT Program

Registered nurses (RNs) that want to acquire knowledge as an Emergency Medical Technical at the basic level will receive the necessary training in this course. It is a professional development course geared specially towards RNs. Upon successful completion, the RN will be able to treat and assess an acutely ill or injured patient in a pre-hospital setting. They will also be able to sit the National Registry EMT Basic Certification Examination.

Health Care Provider-CPR Courses

This course is open healthcare providers that handle different types of patients. It is not specifically geared towards nurses, but to anyone that want to develop the necessary skills needed to respond to different types of patients. After successful completion, the participant will be knowledgeable about the relief of foreign-body airway obstruction (FBAO), ventilation with a bag-mask device and oxygen, just to name a few.


EACC understands the importance of proving scholarship opportunities to students. This is evident through the numerous scholarships that are available. Nursing students can consider the General Education Scholarship, Non-Traditional Student Scholarship, Eleanor B. and Harry E. Beasley Scholarship, Jessie Smith Swindle Scholarship, Community Leader Scholarship and Ben T. Whitfield Memorial Scholarship.

The Academic Achievement Waiver is open to students that graduate within the area that EACC provides services. The percentage of the waiver will depend on ACT scores. The school offers 50 % and 100% tuition waiver.

The EACC Nursing Program Scholarship is another alternative for nursing students. Students must be admitted to the nursing program and commit to work within the state of Arkansas for 2 years for every year the scholarship was received once the course is finished.


East Arkansas Community College
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