D’Youville College Nursing Program Review

D’Youville College (DYC) is a private college of Roman Catholic tradition. It is located in Buffalo, New York and has enrolled students from around the world. D’Youville is a very small college with less than 3,000 students attending classes there. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs are offered at this college in addition to advanced certificates for healthcare professionals.

Nursing Programs

Bachelor of Science (BSN) Degree

D’Youville College offers a BSN program that has a strong emphasis on liberal arts. Students begin clinical classes in their sophomore year. To qualify for graduation, students must complete 131 credits in the four year program. Students take six credits of undergraduate management courses as well as collaboration and partnerships with patients, healthcare professionals and agencies, and a community-based emphasis. Prerequisites include high school chemistry or college prep chemistry, college level biology and chemistry, and a college level core course in psychology. Also, students must take a placement test for math and complete any required courses to get their math skills up to a level that is necessary for upcoming courses. Students must also take all of the liberal arts non-nursing courses that are required for the program including their electives. A minimum grade of C is required for all science and math classes as well as nursing courses. Students must also complete a rigorous clinical experience curriculum. Upon graduation, students may apply for their license but they must pass the NCLEX exam before it is granted.

Five Year Bachelor of Science in Nursing/Master of Science in Nursing (BSN/MS)

By attending D’Youville College for one additional year, students may earn both their BSN and MS. When the baccalaureate portion of the courses is completed, students may sit for the NCLEX licensing exam. Three different courses are counted for both the BSN and MS degrees, which makes completing the program faster than completing each program separately. Over the four years, students complete these courses that do not have prerequisites: Principles of Economics – Macro and Micro, English Communications I, Comparing World Civilizations, Growth of Western Culture, American Economic and Social History to 1865 and since 1865. Other courses in the nursing syllabus include Ethics/Religion and Social Responsibility, American Government and Economics, General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Principles of Sociology, Social Problems, Principles of Management, and Introduction to Professional Nursing. Other courses require prerequisites such as high school chemistry or college prep chemistry, college level biology, and a math placement test. The nursing courses for this program are the same as for the four year BSN program. Students must maintain at least a C grade point average. When students are ready to begin graduate level courses, there are many courses that prepare them to specialize in advanced nursing.

Completion Program for RNs – AD-RN BSN

RNs that have an Associate Degree in Nursing may enter this program to earn their BSN. They may be exempted from up to 65 credits of course work for their experience, and some humanities courses may be met through CLEP exams. It takes two years of full-time study to complete this program, or it is possible to do this in the day or evening as a part-time student. A total of 130 credits must be completed. RNs are eligible to receive a 50 percent discount on tuition at D’youville College.

Combined BSN/MS Program for RNs – AD-RN BSN/MS

This program is designed for RNs with an Associate Degree in Nursing who want to earn both their BSN and MS at the same time. Since some courses count towards both degrees, it is faster to earn the degrees at the same time rather than separately.

Combined BSN/MS in Community Health Nursing Program for RNs – AD-RN BSN/MS

This program is open to RNs with an Associate Degree who want to earn both their BSN and MS at the same time.

Combined BSN/MS in Family Nurse Practitioner for RNs

This program allows RNs with an Associate Degree to earn their BSN as well as a MS so that they may pursue a career as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

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