Duquesne University Nursing School Review

Duquesne University (DU)  is unique in the world as the only college or university based on Spiritan values in the world. This private college institution was originally founded in the late 1870s as a Catholic college and continues to rank as one of the top universities of its kind. With a student to faculty ratio of 14:1, Duquesne offers its undergraduate and graduate students a focused, technologically advanced learning environment.

Nursing Program

The Nursing Program at Duquesne University combines general education, core nursing instruction and clinical experience with the focused spiritual aspect of DU to produce skilled, compassionate professionals in the field of nursing.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree

The BSN degree enables students to seek licensure as Registered Nurses. In the fast-paced world of nursing, RNs are in high demand. These professionals provide care to patients in a variety of healthcare settings. The DU Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program is a four-year course of study for high school and transfer students demonstrating a satisfactory level of academic achievement and ability to benefit from nursing instruction.

Second Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree

For non-nurse students who already hold a Bachelor degree in another discipline, DU offers a one-year BSN program. This program enables these students to utilize their previous general education credits to accelerate the earning of a Nursing degree. Admission requires similar specifications as a first Bachelor degree but with the added necessity of demonstrating mastery of general education concepts.

Master of Science in Nursing Degree

The DU MSN program provides advanced learning opportunities to graduate students. An online program, the MSN course of study allows students to pursue an advanced education while also fulfilling other professional and personal obligations. Students can choose from three tracks to meet their own personal aspirations. Specializations include Forensic Nursing, Nursing Education and Family Nurse Practitioner. These areas enable students to pursue professional careers in clinical and academic settings.

Post Master’s Degree Certificate Programs

DU’s Post Master’s Certificate Programs enable students holding a MSN degree to seek specialized training that was not offered as a part of their core Master course of study. These certificates provide an additional level of credentials to prepare students to compete in the workforce.

Doctoral Programs

For highly motivated students wishing to reach the peak of professional and educational achievement, Duquesne University offers Doctoral Programs in both research and clinical studies. Both online courses offer doctorates preparing advanced students to pursue leadership roles in the nursing field. Whether through the design and implementation of healthcare systems or development of research projects, successful graduates earning a DNP or PhD will fill roles crucial to the administration and effectiveness of the nursing field. These leaders will shape the face of the future of nursing and ensure patients receive the utmost of care and quality of treatment.

Students completing the Nursing Program through Duquesne University will be confident in their preparedness to sit for state licensing exams and to enter the competitive workforce. These graduates present impressive credentials that will enable them to secure employment in a wide array of medical and treatment environments.

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