Drexel University Nursing School Review

Though founded in 1891, Drexel University (DU) is an extremely contemporary institution. The school prides itself on integrating technology and cooperative learning techniques to provide a rounded, experiential educational environment. A student body of over 23,000 enjoys the private universities advanced campus and dedicated faculty while earning degrees in a variety of disciplines.

Nursing Program

The Nursing Program at Drexel University offers unparalleled opportunity for learning and growth in the nursing field. This program strives to produce the most skilled and knowledgeable health professionals in the highly competitive workforce through multiple instructional formats and advancement opportunities. For admission into any of the Nursing Program courses of study students must demonstrate satisfactory academic accomplishments and aptitude for further learning. They must also provide proof of good physical and mental health and appropriate moral character including a clear criminal and child abuse background check.

RN to BSN Program

As the healthcare field changes, so does the need for skilled nurses. The RN to BSN Program provides advanced training for already-licensed Registered Nurses wishing to grow in their understanding of their chosen field. This program prepares students to meet ever-increasing responsibilities and needs of the nursing profession.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Cooperative Education

The BSN Co-op Program trains students in general nursing skills to enable graduates to pursue careers as Registered Nurses. This program can be completed in either four or five years, depending on the particular course of study selected by the student. Students are instructed in general and nursing education, through classroom, clinical and cooperative experiences.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Accelerated Career Entry

Students already holding a Bachelor degree in another discipline may be eligible to enter the BSN Program on an Accelerated Career Entry basis. Through this option students are able to utilize the general education credits gained through their previous program and earn the BSN degree in less than one calendar year. Students must demonstrate satisfactory completion and mastery of the general education topics necessary for the BSN and earn appropriate scores on entrance exams.

Advanced Nursing Roles

The Advanced Nursing Roles Program offers Master of Science in Nursing degree tracks for BSN graduates wanting to enhance their educational and professional careers. These programs provide specialized training in a variety of topics that allow these students to emphasize specific skills to prepare them for increased responsibility and roles within their careers. Students can choose to study Research, Advanced Practice, Leadership or Nursing Education tracks. These programs are taught online, making them convenient for those students needing flexibility for pursuing higher education while also fulfilling other professional and personal obligations.

Nurse Anesthesia

The field of Anesthesia is a highly specialized area that requires dedicated, skilled nurses capable of handling the critical roles and attention to detail necessary for the safe administration of these medications. This MSN program focuses on training nurses to understand the rapidly-changing field and develop sharp senses of responsibility and critical thinking. Drexel University’s Nurse Anesthesia Program is a 28 month course of study that blends theoretical, clinical and basic science instruction. Successful completion of this program and satisfactory scores on the comprehensive final examination will prepare students for state licensure exams. Nurses already holding a Master’s degree can obtain a post-master’s certificate through this program.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners provide primary care to a variety of patients as well as providing acute care to specific populations. These MSN tracks prepare students to seek fast-paced careers as Practitioners in their selected specialization. Students can choose courses in Pediatric Primary Care, Women’s Health, Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health, Adult Acute Care and as a Family Nurse Practitioner. These intensive programs utilize general education, core nursing instruction and clinical experiences to produce well-rounded, competent practitioners.

Doctoral Nursing

Drexel University offers its highly motivated graduate nursing students the opportunity to further advance their educational and professional careers through the pursuit of a Doctoral degree. The first of its kind in the nation, Drexel’s DNP degree was designed as a Nursing alternative to the Doctor of Public Health degree previously offered to healthcare students. This program combines professional training and academic research experience to produce well-rounded, skilled professionals ready to pursue high level careers in the nursing industry.

Post-Graduate Certificate Programs

Drexel offers many post-graduate certificate opportunities for students to pursue training in specific areas. These programs allow graduates to compete in the workforce with advanced credentials qualifying them for fulfilling careers in the nursing field.

Drexel University’s Nursing Department encourages students to reach high levels of specialization through progressive education. Students are able to pursue degrees and certification in a tremendous array of tracks to allow each to seek the knowledge and techniques of their particular aspirations.

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