Desales University Nursing School Review

With a total student body of less than 3,000 students, Desales University (DSU) is an ideal choice for those wanting small class sizes and individualized attention. This private Catholic University is fully accredited and boasts sixteen athletic teams. A student profile of 55% women and 45% men makes Desales University a harmonious blend of higher education.

Nursing Program

Desales University offers a comprehensive Nursing Department that allows students to prepare for a career in the nursing field at various levels. From a beginning undergraduate program designed to introduce new professional nurses into the workforce to an intensive Doctoral program, Desales produces knowledgeable, skilled graduates ready to fill the nursing roles that are in high demand.

Traditional Undergraduate

This program graduated its first class in 1978.These graduates, and all those after them, earned Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees. The undergraduate course of study is comprised of general education and nursing education with a strong basis in Salesian teachings. Students are nurtured to view nursing not just as a career opportunity but, rather, as a means of reaching the potential dwelling within themselves. Graduates of the traditional undergraduate program are prepared to enter the workforce or further their education through advanced studies.

RN to BSN Program

The RN to BSN program is designed for current Registered Nurses to pursue higher education and further career opportunities. This program is extremely flexible to ensure the students can succeed in the course work while also fulfilling their professional and personal obligations. Comprised of general education and nursing courses, the RN to BSN program through Desales University is presented in individual 8-week sessions that can be progressed through at the student’s own pace. To encourage RNs to pursue the advantages of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, the University offers tuition incentives dependent on experience, and allows clinical hours to be gained on a project basis instead of through traditional hospital rotations.

Accelerated BSN

Desales University understands that students sometimes change their minds about what path of education to take. To accommodate this, the Nursing Department offers an Accelerated BSN program. This program allows students who already hold a Bachelor degree in another discipline to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Nursing at a faster pace. These students are held to the same nursing standards as those pursuing their first Bachelor degree but are able to forego the general education requirements. Students can graduate from this program in 15 months. These graduates are shown to be as successful as graduates in the traditional BSN program. To gain admission into this program, students must offer letters of recommendation as well as a personal essay regarding professional and education aspirations. They must also show documentation of appropriate prerequisites and pass an interview with a member of the faculty.

Master of Science in Nursing

The Master of Science in Nursing degree prepares students for advanced careers in the nursing field. Graduates have several options for concentrations including Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Educator and Clinical Nurse Specialist. Highly motivated students can opt to be a part of the MSN/MBA Program, which would earn them simultaneous Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Business Administration degrees, offering even more career options. The Desales MSN Program also features a basic MSN degree for already-certified specialists, such as Certified Nurse Midwives, to seek furthered credentials. Successful completion of this program offers graduates many career opportunities and the chances for greater responsibility and reputation within their professions.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

MSN graduates wishing to gain the peak of nursing education and skill can pursue a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. Desales University is proud to offer the only Doctoral Clinical Leadership program in the entire Lehigh Valley, offering a highly advanced course of study to produce strong leaders in the field of nursing. This program is extremely flexible to accommodate a range of personal and professional obligations. The rigorous, largely independent course work allows students to earn the prestigious DNP degree in only two years.

Pursuing Nursing credentials through Desales University ensures students will be nurtured academically and spiritually to produce the strongest and most effective nurses possible. All graduates are prepared to sit for state licensing exams and seek employment in a variety of medical settings.

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