Delta College Nursing Program Review

As a community college, Delta College is committed to bringing higher education close to the community as part of the mission of all community colleges. The future of Delta College started in late 1961 whereby, it started offering its first higher education programs. The target for this community college is giving higher education to the residents of Bay, Saginaw and Midland counties. From high school leavers, adult learners and in between, Delta College (DC) has programs for everyone via its three campuses in Saginaw, Midland and Bay.

Nursing Programs at Delta College

The nursing programs at Delta College are fully approved and accredited by the Michigan Board of Nursing and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission respectively. There are a total of three nursing programs at Delta College; all of which lead to the award of the Associate of Science in nursing degree. The breakdown of those nursing programs is:

Nursing ADN- Associate in Applied Science

This program is designed for entry level first-time nursing students. It equips the students with all the skills of professional nursing required in the modern day nursing. The program takes two years to complete and the curriculum is delivered in two options ie part time and full time.

For full time students, classes are taken consecutively for the 2 major semesters ie fall and winter to total of four semesters while on the other hand, part time students take classes in fall, winter and summer.

However, the department reserves the right to assign part time clinical classes to students who have enrolled for the full time track in demanding circumstances. The part time students also complete in two years given that they are in session all year round. For future students, it is important to note that admission occurs in fall and winter for the full time and only in fall for the part time track.

Associate in Applied Science-Paramedic to RN Transition

This is a special ADN track that enables paramedics to get into professional nursing. The program takes currently licensed paramedics who have been licensed in Michigan. In addition to the license, the program requires the paramedic candidate to show prove of a minimum of one year working experience. In total, paramedics ought to take a total of 65 credits most some of which can be waivered from the paramedic license and completed within a period of three years-part time basis.

Associate in Applied Science-LPN to RN Transition

Just like the Paramedic to RN transition, the LPN to RN transition at Delta College takes three years on a part time basis. Students planning to be enrolled for this program must be holders of unrestricted licensed practical nurse licenses for Michigan. One year working experience is also required for this program as part of admission eligibility. Both the Paramedic to RN transition and the LPN to RN transition will lead to the award of an Associate degree in nursing with eligibility to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam.

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