Delaware County Community College Nursing Program Review

Boasting multiple campuses and 50 years of history, Delaware County Community College (DCCC) offers an affordable, quality education to nearly 30,000 students that enter its programs each year. Courses are offered in a variety of concentrations. Students are given the opportunity to enhance their careers or simply enjoy furthered learning in a small, personalized setting.

Nursing Program

The Nursing School at Delaware County Community College offers several opportunities for students interested in the nursing profession to gain higher education and develop career-building skills. Through the courses of study offered in the program students will be prepared to seek employment in a variety of nursing capacities.

Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistants provide life care to patients in retirement homes and long term facilities. Also known as Nurse Aides, these professionals see to the physical and emotional comfort and well-being of patients in their particular situation. DCCC offers this training through a rigorous training course called “Excellence in Care”. This program covers 133 hours of clinical and topical instruction. Students are taught not only medical methods and knowledge but sociological and professional skills that make Nurse Aides important aspects of treatment facilities.

Perioperative Program

Perioperative Nurses are the highly skilled professionals that assist surgeons in the operating room. DCCC offers a training program for current nurses in good standing to further their education to include Perioperative knowledge.

RN First Assistant

This is another level of advancement for which nurses can strive. After achieving the status as an operating room nurse, Perioperatives can engage in further education and training to become an RN First Assistant. RNs are degree-holding professionals with extensive responsibility and knowledge. First Assistants must closely cooperate with RNs and be able to perform sometimes intricate tasks quickly and efficiently.

Associate in Applied Science in Nursing

The most intensive of the courses of study within the Nursing Program at Delaware County Community College, the Associate in Applied Science in Nursing program provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to sit for the state licensing exams. Successful completion of these exams will earn graduates licensure as Registered Nurses. Earning this degree also presents a strong foundation on which to build further education for a more advanced career.


The Nursing Program offers courses of study beginning each August. Day programs as well as evening and weekend programs are offered to provide convenience and flexibility to students with other responsibilities and obligations. In order to gain admission into the program applicants must submit a completed student petition. This petition includes, in part, a completed DCCC application and nursing petition, successful completion of admission exams and criminal background check clearance.

Academic Requirements

Students that are already enrolled in another program at Delaware County Community College when applying for the Nursing Program must be in good academic and conduct standing to be considered for the program. Adequate scores on the TEAS, Test of Essential Academic Skills, must be presented prior to enrollment to prove preparedness for the program as well as ability to benefit from the advanced education and training.

Graduation from this program enables students to seek employment in a wide array of medical settings. Students wishing to pursue further education can confidently enter another institution ready to gain more advanced knowledge and compete in the high-pressure world of upper level nursing.

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