Davenport University Nursing School Review

The history of Davenport University is really fascinating. It dates back to 1866 when it was operating as a business college under the name Grand Rapids Business College. Since then, that pioneer college changed names countless times until 1910 when it was on the verge of closing due to mismanagement. A teacher at the school; Michael Davenport took over the school and named it after his name and that is what we have as Davenport University today. It is one of the largest not-for-profit private universities in Michigan with a total of 15 satellites campuses. One of its colleges offers nursing under the department of nursing.

College of Health Professionals

The department of nursing at Davenport University (DU) is under the college of Health Professionals. The department offers two undergraduate and two diploma nursing programs. For all the nursing programs at Davenport University, accreditation and approval is granted by NLNAC and the Michigan Board of Nursing.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degrees

The Bachelor of Science in nursing at Davenport University takes two courses: a pre-licensure track and a completion program.

Bachelor of Science-Pre-licensure RN

The BSN program is meant for first time nursing students who want to get the skills of professional nursing. The program takes four years to complete and students are awarded the BSN degree after successfully completing a minimum of 126 credits

Bachelor of Science-Completion for RNs

The program is specially designed for registered nurses who hold a diploma of an associate of science degree for licensure. Students are expected to cover a minimum of 120 credits in a period of two years. Because the program builds on prior nursing experience and knowledge, students receive credit transfer for their RN licensure hence reducing the number of courses to be taken. For eligibility, students must show prove of their current RN licensure which must be unencumbered and unrestricted.

Practical Nursing Diploma

Unlike the trend in many colleges and universities to offer a certificate in practical nursing, Davenport University offers a Diploma. The diploma focuses on training on caring of patients of all age groups, ie infants, children and adult nursing care. With completion of 47 credits, students will be in a position to sit for the NCLEX-LPN exam for licensure in Michigan. As much as it is unique, in terms of offering a diploma in place of a certificate, the program is fully accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

Phlebotomy Diploma

Just like the licensed practical nurse diploma, Davenport also offers the relatively rare Diploma in Phlebotomy. The diploma is geared towards competent training entry level nursing students in blood drawing techniques. With a total of 3 credits and extensive clinical experience in blood drawing and venipunctures, students are usually eligible to sit for many phlebotomy certification exams including the phlebotomy Technician Certification exam.

Pre- Health Professional Courses

The college of Health professions at Davenport also offers some short courses in the nursing field. The courses are meant for undecided future nursing students and can be used towards fulfilling the admission requirements of the other major nursing programs at Davenport university Department of nursing.

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