Curry College Nursing Program Review

The nursing major at Curry College is meant to fill the ever rising gap of nursing professionals and personnel in the health care sector. As a matter of fact, Curry College does not promise a smooth ride into the nursing career with their programs. They clearly want prospective students who are ready to get involved in a challenging faculty, requiring bright, dedicated, hard-working and creative nurse students. Students who are ready to take 120 credit courses in a span of four years to earn a Baccalaureate in Nursing.

Located in the Metropolitan area of Boston Massachusetts, Curry College gives its students an excellent opportunity to study and get the best hands- on experience from the most renowned and award winning health care facilities at the heart of Boston; from military institutions, private sector to community health organizations.

Nursing Majors at Curry College

All nursing programs at Curry College are accredited by the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education and include the following:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The most commonly preferred undergraduate nursing program at Curry College is the BSN with students taking nursing credits right from the first semester. It takes the shape of the traditional four-year degree program. This nursing major accepts students from Associates of nursing program, LPNs, direct entry and transfer students in both its Milton and Plymouth campuses in Massachusetts.

RN to BS Nursing Program

At Curry College, they are sensitive about time. In regard to this, they offer the well structured RN to BS program that enables students to be awarded the same degree as the direct entry BSN. What’s more, the RN to BS nursing program at Curry can be completed within three semesters for fulltime students or 2 years for part-timers. The advantage of registered nurses option for the RN- to BS program is that they are exempted from taking 34 credits for their RN licensure.

Accelerated Nursing Program at Curry College

Well, if you are a career shifter, then Curry College knows exactly what you need.  Curry enables career changers to jump-start into the exciting career of nursing with much ease than imaginable.  All that will be required for students wishing to enroll to the accelerated nursing program at Curry is a recognized degree from a recognized university.

This special 2nd bachelors degree in nursing program is offered at Curry’s’ Milton campus and enrollment is open regardless of the first degree you hold.  The program is well designed and equips students with clinical and theoretical nursing skills in a period of 16 months. At the ends of it, students are able to comfortably sit for the NCLEX-RN exams and therefore gaining licensure as a Registered Nurse.

Curry’s’ College Graduate Nursing School

The Buck does not stop at being a RN at Curry; the Master of Science in Nursing- Clinical Nurse Leader is a well established nursing program here. The MSN in Clinical Nurse leadership enables highly ambitious BSN graduates to step into the future of nursing with professional competency. This only MSN dedicated program is meant to equip the prospective nurse leader with leadership abilities in the overall healthcare sector. In rue of this, the MSN graduates are able to improve the quality of health care, reduce operation costs, increase the levels of satisfaction for all nursing field participants and improve the standards of nursing practice.

For the next generation of clinical nurse leaders, Curry college boasts to be in the forefront to deliver this. CNLs who are abreast with medical technology, keen in minimizing nursing errors and with advanced clinical judgment.

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