Crown College Nursing Program Review

Established in 1912 as ministerial school, Crown College has outgrown that small name into a big regional college it is today. St Paul’s Bible Institute it was but expanded its curriculum to include other non theological majors. This expansion led to the change of the name and the outlook of the college to Crown College, offering degree programs beyond its initial capacity on all major academic fields. The private co-ed higher education center is dedicated to serve and bring education that follows the teachings of Christ to residents of West Minneapolis and Minnesota at large.

Nursing at Crown College

Nursing programs at Crown College (CC) are offered under the department of nursing. The department together with the two nursing programs has been approved by the Minnesota Board of Nursing and accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The two nursing programs lead to the award of a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.

Bachelor of Science Nursing Pre-licensure

The department of nursing offers this program for new students who have never had any prior nursing experience. The curriculum of this program consists of Christian studies as one of the core courses to provide biblically based nursing education. The program also incorporates a strong aspect of missionary nursing hence, takes a cross cultural perspective. The curriculum also incorporates a hybrid format of study where some selected courses are offered online.

A total of 66 credits are taken during the freshman and sophomore years. Christian studies and doctrines including intensive study of the New and Old Testament comprise of 18 credits out of the 66. At the junior and senior years, students start on the nursing and some few biblical courses which total up to 56 credits. Out of these, 9 are directly based on the bible and Christian teachings. The program prepares students for the first licensure into registered nursing by taking the NCLEX-RN exam. Precisely, it is inevitable to get transformed into Christianity after taking their nursing program.

Nursing, Bachelor of Science Completion

This program from Crown College aims at building on prior nursing experience by admitting already registered nurses or those who have completed a two-year or a nursing diploma. Just like the earlier nursing program, courses integrate faith into evidence based nursing practice. The program is excellent for those who do not wish to lose their day jobs during the period of study. This is because the curriculum is delivered in flexible online and classroom instructions. Most of the courses required for completion of the program are offered online.

Unlike the traditional BSN, this nursing program targets adult students and is offered by the department of nursing with collaboration with the adult and Graduate Studies section of the college. The program does not demand a lot of commitment from students to campus visits. It is also the program that accepts transfer students from community colleges or other universities. Crown College boasts to have one of the top ten online nursing programs among Christian universities and colleges.

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