Crawford County Area Vocation-Technical School Nursing Program Review

Offering much more than a theoretical education, the Crawford County Area Vocation-Technical School (CCCTC) strives to give students useful skills and knowledge that will prepare them to compete in the challenging workforce of today. High school students and adult students alike can embark on a new career-building journey in an institution that offers small classes and passionate faculty.

Nursing Program

Crawford County Area Vocational-Technical School offers a Nursing Program designed for adult students who want to train for a new career. The focused program prepares students to sit for licensing exams that will qualify them to seek employment in the diverse, engaging field of nursing.

Practical Nursing Program

Licensed Practical Nurses are in higher demand than ever before and a wide array of employers is seeking skilled, knowledgeable people to fill the important positions. Practical Nurses provide simple bedside care to patients dealing with common, relatively basic medical concerns. Working under the direct supervision of Registered Nurses and physicians, LPNs cooperate with others to evaluate patients, analyze their needs and develop and implement treatment plans. A shortage in LPNs leaves many areas greatly in need of qualified nurses. The program through CCVTS will help to end these shortages with fresh, energetic and passionate new nurses each year.

Course of Study

The Practical Nursing Program is a twelve month course of study that combines general education and core nursing courses. Each student will engage in classroom lectures and clinical experience-based instruction to prepare them for real-life situations. Learning through hands-on experience allows students to understand the needs and responsibilities of practical nursing.

Admission Requirements

Interested applicants must meet certain requirements before gaining admission into the program. Educational prerequisites include an approved high school diploma or equivalent and satisfactory scores on the pre-entrance exam. Applicants with previous education in the nursing field such as nurse aide training are given preference.

The career of an LPN is one filled with physical and emotional challenges, necessitating an applicant to be in good physical and mental health. As part of the admission process applicants must present documentation of comprehensive physical, dental and eye exams, including immunizations and any treatments that may be necessary to create good, stable health.

Students must also undergo a criminal and background check. Certain criminal offenses, including felonies, child abuse and controlled substance violations preclude applicants from inclusion in the program.

Advanced Placement

Certain applicants may be eligible for advanced placement in the Practical Nursing program. These applicants must meet all of the requirements set forth for admission into the program, as well as others. Each applicant must submit a formal letter requesting advanced placement as well as documentation of previous nursing education. A letter of recommendation from the head of the nursing school that was previously attended must also be submitted. Applicants will be interviewed by a coordinator to offer explanations of why they should be considered for advanced placement. Successful demonstration of knowledge and skill through a comprehensive examination is the final step in gaining advanced placement into the program.

Successful graduation from this program enables students to seek entry level employment as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Students will also be prepared for more advanced education that will allow them to further their careers in the future should they wish.

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