Copiah Lincoln Community College Nursing Program Review

The mother college to Copiah Lincoln Community College (CLCC, Co-Lin) started back in 1915 as an agricultural high school in Wesson. The expansion of academic programs resulted to the upgrade of the college to Copiah Lincoln Junior College. Following approval and a vote of the Mississippi legislature especially in the counties of Lincoln, Lawrence, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams and Copiah, the school finally settled for the current name.  Since then it has been offering two year degrees directed to work force entry or for transfer purposes to four year degrees.

Copiah Lincoln Community College Nursing Programs

The department of nursing at Copiah Lincoln has five nursing tracks on offer to qualified candidates. Two of the programs lead to an associate in applied science degree and have received accreditation by the Mississippi State Institutions of Higher Learning and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. There is a pre nursing program that is meant for easing transfer to four year BSNs and also two certificate programs in practical nursing and nursing assistant.

Associate Degree in Nursing

Copiah Lincoln community College offers an associate degree in nursing at its Wesson campus. The program has two career pathways which have a common outcome; preparing for the NCLEX-RN exam. The first option is for candidates who have no prior experience in nursing. Students take 72 credits that must be completed in two academic years on a four semester plan. The courses are divided on a 45 and 27 credits ratio for nursing and general education.

LPN to RN Accelerated Program

This is the second variation of the associate degree in nursing at Copiah Lincoln. It calls for candidates who hold active unencumbered LPN licenses for the state of Mississippi and a minimum of one year practical nursing experience within the last three years. Admission into the program is during the spring semester each year and preference is given to residents of the five counties of the college fraternity.

The curriculum is delivered on a hybrid format of online and classroom instructions. Of the 72 credits needed for the associate degree, 45 must be completed at Copiah Lincoln Community College while the rest can be received as advanced standing from the LPN license. Prior to admission though, candidates must complete two LPN to RN transition course in role development and pharmacology totaling to 12 credits. Successful completion of the transition course awards the students 9 credits in palce of the 12.

Pre- Nursing (B.S Degree Program)

This is not a nursing program and students who get into the program do not become nurses. It is a program that helps a student complete general education and prerequisite courses needed for BSN completion. The credits earned from this program are for transfer purposes to four year BSN programs so that students can join the BSN at junior level.

Practical Nursing

The program is a one year curriculum that trains nurses to work under registered nurses in hospitals and other health agencies. Completion of the one year curriculum makes the students eligible to write the NCLEX-PN exam to become licensed practical nurses.

Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistant candidates at Copiah Lincoln Community College undergo 4 days/week of six weeks rigorous nurse assistance training. Completion of the program enables students to be placed in the Mississippi Nurse Assistant Registry.

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