Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Nursing Program Review

Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital (CVMH) is a part of the Conemaugh Health System (CHS). This physical-led system provides high-quality healthcare services to west central Pennsylvania through a series of hospitals and other centers. The Nursing School works in close conjunction with these settings to instruct students in the intricate skills of the field of nursing.

Nursing Program

The Conemaugh Valley Memorial School of Nursing prepares students to compete in the workforce, gaining employment in the in-demand nursing profession. Students have the option of beginning a new education, or pursing an advanced degree based on previous learning. The intensive program features clinical experiences in various medical environments as well as boasting one of less than 60 simulation labs in the nation to earn prestigious accreditation.

Registered Nurse Degree Program

The Registered Nurse Degree Program through Conemaugh Valley Memorial prepares students to fulfill the crucial responsibilities of the role of Registered Nurse. These nurses provide thorough medical treatment to a variety of patients while supervising Licensed Practical Nurses as part of their medical team. Working under the supervision of physicians, RNs perform tasks such as analysis and evaluation and help to develop treatment plans for each specific case and assist in the implementation of such plans.

How Long Will it Take?

This program consists of a total of 96 credits, including both general education college courses and core nursing credits. These credits lay a foundation of learning that on which graduates are encouraged to build further education. This program covers six semesters, four of 16 weeks each and 2 of 6 weeks each, over a period of two years. Of the time spent in these courses, over 1,000 hours will have been spent with clinical experiences.


The Conemaugh Valley Nursing School is highly selective and allows only the most qualified of applicants to enter the program. Educational requirements including appropriate secondary education, fulfilled prerequisites and satisfactory scores on entrance exams must be met prior to enrollment. Admitted students must also undergo a comprehensive physical and dental exam, following all recommendations and getting any necessary immunizations. A student who has been admitted into the Nursing School full-time must not be a full-time student in any other academic setting during the course of the program.

Advanced Placement

Interested applicants who already hold a valid practical nursing license may be eligible to enter the program with advanced placement. These students must have had steady employment in a medical environment within the two years prior to admission into the program. These LPNs must have had one year of clinical experience in a long-term or acute setting to equate the learning of the early part of the program that would be eliminated with advanced placement. Applicants must also earn satisfactory evaluations on a transition course and clinical evaluation. In the event that no places are available in the current class, the student will be placed on a waiting list which guarantees a place in the next new class.

RN to BSN Option

Through a unique partnership with several other advanced institutions in the area, Conemaugh Nursing School is able to offer a program through which Registered Nurses are able to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. Chatham University, Mount Aloysius College, Carlow College and Drexel University offer incentives such as accepting Conemaugh credits and tuition discounts to students and graduates of the Conemaugh Valley Memorial Nursing Program.

Completion of this program allows successful graduates to enter the workforce confident in their ability to skillfully fulfill the responsibilities and roles of the nursing profession. Students are encouraged to advance as far into their education as they wish, and are nurtured through every step of the process.

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