Community Health Systems Nursing Program Review

Since its beginning Community Health Systems Inc. has become one of the leading operators of hospitals in the nation. With more than 131 hospitals spread across the country, CHS offers needed healthcare to areas that lack the services. This system is dedicated to creating high-quality hospitals in areas that do not have the financial resources that make recruitment of skilled physicians and staff easy by assisting these institutions in developing highly rated teams.

Nursing Programs

In order to create the strongest, most effective hospital staff Community Health Systems (CHS) Inc. offers continuous training and education opportunities. These opportunities allow all those working within the hospitals to remain on the cutting edge of their fields and continue to provide the utmost of care to patients. This training is offered in a variety of formats. Nurses are a critical part of the healthcare system and CHS encourages their nurses to train throughout their career to improve themselves and offer ever-increasing standards of care to patients.

The “Community” College

The small “college” within the Community Health System offers continuing educational opportunities in the form of online courses. These courses cover both clinical and non-clinical topics.

Nursing Training Options

Nurses do not perform just one task or have just one responsibility so it is important that there are many options available for these medical professionals to learn as much as they can about the particular specialization they wish to fulfill. Within CHS, these opportunities include an online nursing program, training in OB fetal monitoring, a program for Essentials of Critical Care Orientation, and proprietary nursing training. These training opportunities allow nurses to enhance their knowledge and skill so they can better perform tasks associated with each area of patient care.

Educational Assistance

CHS understands that a good education can be expensive, making it inaccessible for many people. The system does not believe that this should make learning a luxury exclusive only to those who can afford it, though. Because of this CHS offers financial assistance to those wishing to further their education. Those employees wanting to enhance their job-specific skills can apply for tuition reimbursement through Community Health Systems Inc. This reimbursement applies to approved programs of study through accredited institutions.

Another form of financial assistance is the Nursing Scholarship Program. Through this program full and partial scholarships are awarded to future students wishing to attend Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse programs through approved schools. Special scholarships specifically for those Licensed Practical Nurses wanting to advance to the statues of Registered Nurse are also offered.

Chief Nursing Officer Training Program

A Chief Nursing Officer is an important part of a medical team, and achieving this status requires a firm foundation of learning enhanced by regular training. Through corporate-sponsored courses at CHS Chief Nursing Officers a program of enhancing skills and continual learning. Each year CNOs are required to attend a large meeting as well as smaller regional meetings each quarter.

Through computer-based training and regular conferences the employees at Community Health Systems Inc. are prepared to perform at their peak. At the numerous hospitals run by the system across the nation physicians, nurses and other staff are held to high standards. The educational opportunities offered ensure that these professionals will continue to provide the best treatment and care to patients and their loved ones.